Poll: How has your experience been with DealExtreme.com?

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I say it's good enough because my order arrived in about a month, the price was great, and the flashlights I received are quite nice for the price.

Not the fastest or the best but usually the cheapest and I've found them pretty good about sorting out problems. Albeit slowly

I voted for good enough because of there good prices but slower then slower snail mail. I had a problem with a light flickering and i cleaned all contacts and i was able to do an rma 3months later......the light that i received worked perfectly.


Good enough. Was my first “Chinese Shopping” there. Only problem were the shipping times (2 month).

They sent some 25mm/1” light gun rails in a week nice quality in about 9 days no problems:-)

Overall, I would have to say “good enough”.

I have made several orders with them. I have fortunately only had one DOA. My only experience of their customer service was a positive one; they gave me a choice of replacement or store credit.

My last orders were slower to ship than I anticipated; 10 days lead time at minimum. So, buy and forget, and be (hopefully) pleasantly surprised…

Actually slightly below good enough. Slow ship out and shipping time, sometimes backorder (or even got canceled).
the goods itself were pretty okay.

I voted Good Enough. I have several orders with them, they always delivered (sometimes 10-12 days, usually 3 weeks or so), and dealt with my issues fairly quickly. I never had an issue that wasn’t resolved.

Its good enough for me. The prices are great and their staff are honest with their answers so far.

The only problem is that you will never know when your item will be available and when it will be shipped unless you ask them through their live help.

average, not a hair more

This thread lives!

Voted good enough.

The prices are good and the quality of the lights I bought was good for the price level.

Shipping was slow, and then slower... Living in Italy I'm used to long shipping times, averaging one month, usually due to custom paperworks, but the last time after two months nothing was arrived yet.

When I contacted the service they were nice and helpful, after a few days they found the package still stuck somewhere in the China postal service, got it back and re-sent it through Singapore post, and in less than two weeks I had the items in my hands. Checked the postal labels and really under the Singapore ones there were the previous China post labels, so the story was truth.

My only suggestion is to ask for Singapore post shipping, because that seems to make the difference!

In former times I ordered a lot from them and was very pleased but in the last year it’s bad, very long packing time long shipping time, long time for replying a RMA.
But they refund everything which is DOA…on the other side this causes high shop prices…

Also I haven’t seen a good deal from DX posted on this forum for a long time.

The last two promotions were awful, so I voted awful.

Some times it is very slow, but my last orders shipped less than one week, and received about 20 days.
It has huge item list, so convenient to purchase 3-4 items and once with registered mail.

I have purchased several types of P60 drop in modules from DX and not one has tested to be what they described it as. Either the output current or the Lumens has proven to be other than advertised. I no longer buy from DX as they have never delivered to me the product ordered. Not one has been correct. Add Alibaba to that list of stinkers also.

I’ve bought a few items from them, no worse shipping time than other Chinese vendors and prices are good so I voted good enough.
I’d certainly have no qualms about buying from them again if there was an item that I wanted and the price was reasonablr.

Good selection. Everything I ordered from DX eventually arrived. I’ve probably purchased close to 10 orders from them over the last few years.

Shipping to CA took anywhere between 3-8 weeks.

I’d buy from them again. Recommended.

No issues ordering from DX. Although slow (snail pace) it does reach you after a while. Prices are usually cheapest around but just like other Chinese sellers, descriptions of items can be ultra-short.