Poll: What is your Favorite MT-G2 Flashlight?

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I have the SX25L3 and would not mind owning the rest, but the budget will only allows for one more at the moment. 2 votes for other…what manufacturers did I miss?

there’s a lot of custom mt g2’s that are favourites, one of mine is matches minimag that started it all

Good point. I will update the poll with a custom option.

I love my shadow sc300 direct drive 2x18650 mod, I put a fresh clicky in it: 7 amps, 3000+ lumens going everywhere, and it handles it fine sofar B-)

Well so far I like my 2x the best it’s a 4xT6 with just two of the holes filled in with MT-G2’s I power it with a DRY driver and two King Kongs. It has a beautiful flood with a large hot spot that just blends in as you walk so it seems like daylight in front of you with no visible rings at all.

Any heat issues? My ET gets hot in just a few minutes on High.

Here Post 74

2 AW 18350



~ 84 KLUX
~3000 Lumen

And after 5 minutes from 4,2 Volt to 3,5 Volt >)


No surprise Vinh is doing some interesting work with this LED.


Solarforce S2200 but with the smooth reflector from the XML S1100. :)

Oddly enough SF said the MTG2 'didn't work' with the smooth reflector, I found it works great, but is really picky about the focus.

I'm really tempted by the SX25L3, but I'd have to hack on it to try to improve the throw... in that size reflector I suspect that would end in failure though. :(

It gets hot fast on turbo but not bad on high so I run it mostly on medium or high with turbo only once in awhile. Plus on turbo you can watch the lumen drop if you use a lux meter and it doesn’t do that on medium or high. What was funny was I wired a third emitter and it didn’t increase the lumens at all over just the two. So I ordered some High Drain Sony 50amp 26650’s and I’ll post the results when they show up.

Thinking my Solarforce K-3 accessory head (w some generous help from fellow BLF’er and modder DBC) is about the sweetest lamp I own now.

He tuned it up a bit and now high looks more like HIGH. At his suggestion, I put a shorty SF L2M body on it w 2 Efest 18350 cells and now its a compact shorty beast…

In stock form, it was probably my favorite light as well. Just a great combination of tint, throw and flood in a great, easy to manage size. Everyone who used it was surprised at how much light it put out.

I have a SF2200 and its mostly gathering dust compared to the little monster K-23.

It would have to be this custom build by the one and only.


+1 what a build! I had missed this thread.

I have the Niwalker and the Solarforce. The solarforce has a better beam with the op reflector. I prefer the niwalker due to having more modes and the fact it is smaller, yet holds 4 batteries rather than 3 that the solarforce holds. The solarforce is built like an absolute tank though.

If money allowed I would very much like a Solarforce S2200.