Poll: would you consider getting a Noctigon Meteor M43 with a simple UI?

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Hank doesnt have any intentions in making a simpler UI for the Meteor, because basically nobody asked for it.

But Im just curious if people would be interested

Would you be interested in the Meteor M43 if it had 1 simple, more straightforward UI.. ?

something along the lines of a 4/5 mode with a few short cuts to High and Low.... (and maybe a hidden strobe?)

I really don’t see an issue with the UI. It actually works just fine for me. I keep mine in UI 3 because I like the ramping mode. It’s also easy just to double click to hit a brighter setting or lower, whichever one you happen to be in at the time. There’s 3 UIs to choose from…UI 1 is pretty straight forward.

What is your opinion ChibiM? Or this is just another thread to talk about the M43 and claim is one of those light that has no use, and the many negative things you have kept saying along the time about it.

Hey Hikelite, why popping in? didnt expect you to stop by!

at least you know my opinion.

I really like the idea behind- and output of the Meteor, just not the UI.

Ive asked Hank about the possibility of making a "Lite"version, and he said people just never asked about it.

So I cant see why they wouldnt make a simpler UI for people that care for it.

How about quickpush and it turns on from last used.

and press and hold and it ramps from lowest to highest and back thru (slowly enough to stop where you want the first time).

Do we really need anythig else?

and oh ye now that the initial freny has calmed down maybe now we should see what the economies of scale brought? aka the cost/price reduction?

Well i see no use of that torch too but hey, thats the power of democrasy and free expresion- especialy if ones ctiticizm is motivated

Group buy for $99? I’m in.


It would need to be single click to turn the light on and off.
Hold switch while light is on, and ramps levels.
Hold switch while light is off, turns on moonlight mode.
Single click turns on light in last used mode including turbo.

Give me this ui, I promise to purchase at least two more units.

Thats almost the UI I like as well. But I would prefer to have just 3 modes instead of the ramping.

Yea that’s what I actually meant…. Ramping 3 or 4 mode.

I’d like to see a Bluetooth version + Simple App = Customize your own Meteor UI (I think someone suggested this in the thread a while back).

That would be fantastic.


I love the UI for this light. Would not want it for a smaller tail switch like but I think is brilliant for a forward switch turbo centric light like this.

Add double click from off to high (turbo) and you have the praised "Olight UI".

I like that UI very much and would definitely buy a M43 with it. (Note: I don't have the M43 - Simply because of the confusing UI!)

Oh, I think I misread blue8llz UI. I am a person that likes to Click to change modes, rather than holding the switch.

I actually like having a Clicky at the back for complete power off, and side switch for switching between modes. (but that wont work with the meteor)
Double click to Turbo, Long press to Low. normal click to cycle through modes.

But if its only a side switch:

from off: click= last memorized mode

from off: double click = Max

from off: long press = Moon

when on: click= cycle through modes

when on: double click = Max

when on: long press = mmmmmm off maybe.

Long press to turn off.. is a turn off for me. Absolute deal breaker.

I’d love to put my code on this light. I looked into what it would take though, and there’s an awful lot of twisty assembly code with comments only in Russian. And its author warns against anyone modding it because it apparently “fails open”, meaning code bugs could cause explosions. :frowning:

But if I could, I’d like to run an improved version of my ramping UI on it.
While off:

  • Single short press turns light on in last-used mode.
  • Double click goes to turbo.
  • Long press turns light on in lowest mode. Keep holding for a few seconds to enter or leave lock-out mode.

While on:

  • Single short press turns light off.
  • Double click goes to (or from) turbo.
  • Press-and-hold ramps smoothly and pretty quickly until button is released. Release and press again within a second or so to reverse and ramp the other way.

… and probably some extras, like for triple click.

Will this be a reality or we just dreamin…?