Porch Pirates Foiled!

LOL, good stuff. I don’t have the link anymore, but there is a video from this dude who got tired of having his packages stolen. He rigged up a fake parcel package with old cellphones with the GPS enabled and a glitter bomb. When the perps would get home they would open it up, glitter would go everywhere, the cellphones would record the video and location so he could go get his package back. Good stuff. If I can find it, I’ll post it back here.

Edit, here it is. Apparantly he has made 3 more that I haven’t watched yet, they are in his youtube channel.

Oh yeah, glitterbomb guy is classic!

I just started my work shift, I know what I’m watching tonight when I have some free cycles. LOL.

Awesome. I used to do nights. I’ll totally give more fuel for your fires…

One who foiled himself

My favorite porch pirate comeuppance. (NSFW language)

Mark Rober is awesome, but this guy knows what up.