Positive customer service with Cutter Electronics (they goofed, and stepped up)

I ponied up for the unavoidably expensive DHL shipping from Australia to the US, and placed my first order ever with Cutter.

I ordered a bunch of 3v xhp50.3 HD LEDs, both bare and mounted, but Cutter mistakenly sent me a bunch of 6v XHP 50.3 HI LEDs. So I was a bit upset.

I contacted cutter via chat the day I received the incorrect items. They confirmed that the mistake was theirs, apologized, said the mistake was unacceptable, told me to keep the incorrect items, shipped the correct items - also that same day - and asked if there was anything else they could do.

Mistakes happen, but the follow up could not have been better. Kudos to Cutter.

I now have a bunch of extra LEDs which will be dumped/donated to someone who can use them.

That’s stand-up service to fix an error, bravo! I’ve always heard good things about them. Good website and you can tell they’re a good outfit. Shipping has always stopped me from ordering despite the generally favorable exchange rate. If you can’t use them for builds, maybe you could make up a fun giveaway?

How much was shipping?

I’m open to a giveaway, just not sure I’m the best one to determine “fun.”

Total shipping weight may have been 4oz max.

DHL Shipping cost: $24.67

I think that’s close or equal to the minimum.