Possibility of converting Surefire LX2 and EB2 to 18650

So I really like the beam quality and TIR lens of my Surefire Lumamax LX2, and EB2 backup.

I don’t like the CR123 batteries though. Does anyone make conversion bodies or perform conversions for these so that that can run rechargeable protected 18650 batteries?

I have not found anything else that compares to these surefires in light beam quality. Specifically in the artifact free spot, spill, and transition, as well as usable spot size with decent throw, and good quality tint. And no purple or green hues. LX2 is old version a little yellowish. EB2 is a good neutral tint, no green or purple hues either. And the output is sufficient for what I am using them for.


I use conversion bodies from lumensfactory.com. Have bodies for the e1 that will take 18350s and for the e2 that will take 18650s

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Very cool. Thanks.

So 18650 will work with the lx2 and eb2 as far as power compatibility goes, it is just a matter of finding a body to fit the battery and head?

Correct. Lumensfactory has them. Malkoff also has one that will take 18650s. Their MDC head and parts are interchangeable with the Surefire e series lights.

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Good to know, thanks!