Possible fake NCR18650B cells


Today I received couple of bare Panasonic NCR18650B cells from a seller(dis closer later)and i’m skeptical on the these. Before jumping back to the seller,I though it would be fair to share this here and ask your opinion.

In the above,one could see little bubble in the label and misaligned text “Short Circuit”.

The weight of these cell have little varying however it is not per official panasonic 47.5g.

(DX cell on Top)

Comparing with bare NCR18650B from DX, the overall texts in the label were sharp and not misaligned.The “B” part in NCR18650B seems to be little different than the DX cell. I can see label color is little on lighter side and more glossy .

Unfortunately I have to wait few weeks for my friend’s B6 if It has to be proven scientifically. I’m asking is there a simple way to test these?

Both the cells arrived v3.7ish.

Thanks for looking

Although running a discharge test the the most accurate way, some alternative methods could be measuring the runtime on a flashlight and comparing how long they run before the output drops and the driver’s protection is triggered.

Does it have a serial number that can be looked up?

I can only find “DCV 3307” printed at the bottom end of the cell. Both the cell have the same number. Perhaps same batch.

Has the seller gotten any complaints or allegations that the cells he might be selling were fake?

I’m not too familiar with reading serial numbers or date codes… perhaps someone could chime in.

Slight wrapper imperfections are in no way reason for thinking of fake cell. Nor is the slight weight difference or weight itself - mine weight around 48g incl. the protection circuit. You need to be looking for electrical behavior of the cell. Capacity and internal resistance. What voltage did they arrive at? (at least)

Is there a way you can measure internal resistance?

More info here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f67/how-healthy-your-batteries-how-measure-internal-resistance-57576.html

Maybe not fakes but perhaps they are seconds?

If you wanted a new label, you can get them here: NCR Labels

You should read my post about fake cells here


Ok so you can get new NCR labels, some Ultrafire labels, faking would not be so out of easy reach.

Being skeptical where personal safety is involved as in this case is in my opinion more intelligent then just blind trust.

I agree, but that actually means Milan is right: the capacity and voltage are more important that the wrapper imperfections for safety!

I’ve seen these before: no way I’d buy any Ultrafire after. I didn’t notice the Uranusfire before though…kinda tempting, if I didnt mind supporting the people who made these, I might buy Uranusfire wrappers to put on my nicked laptop battery pack pulls instead of plain wrappers for fun :smiley:

The easiest way to check if cell is coming from Panasonic (if you don’t have batt. analyzer) is to use your voltmeter.

Panasonic (NCR series) cell must read 3.61V-3.62V

Not 3.7V, not 3.8V— it must be just little over 3.6V

Of course, I am talking about grade A Panasonic NCR cells.

One thing is certain:

Your two cell wrappers were printed on different printers.

Does that mean one is counterfeit? Maybe… but maybe not. Sounds like some testing is in order.

I find my hobby charger of great help when it comes to testing cells. From laptop pulls to brand-new NCRs, I always make it a point to fully-charge them first and do a discharge-capacity check on each of them. Regardless of brand and physical looks, there is no surprise when you have a hobby charger. This, and a good DMM, is a must I should say.

What does voltage have to do with anything ?

i'm so confused

That’s pretty funny. :smiley: