Possible Good deals on Ebay for XM-L lights

Ok looks like there could be some bargains [ maybe ] to be picket up on fleabay ...

Ultrafire 501B - a and 502B models with XM-L 5 mode drop ins , free shipping and bidding starting low ..


Just one of several sellers ...

Be sure you hardly ever get it before the "right" amount is bidded.

check the neg feedback, possibly not xm-l.

10,000+ feedback + there will always be a problem somewhere when you have a large volume of sales ...

Ive put in a few bids - low ones - Dont expect to win - but will see

That or you get the light for 15 cents but the shipping cost is $49.95

Keep in mind when bidding that those lights are only $20 with free shipping on DX...


If they go too cheap the seller can switch it for an xre and then ask you to return it ,if you complain. You always get neg feedback with high volume sales but there were some saying they didn't get the light that was advertised. Worth a look though.

Spend a little more money and get an Ultrafire 504B host. $8 on Manafont. Then get a $15 XM-L dropin, you will have a light you will like a lot more.

Some Yezl deals in the bay though I'm not sure what is best price the seller has in best offer


i was outbid instantly.. not worth it

I bid somewhere from $6 up to $10 , and a few of my bids lasted a while ...

But I saw a few end around $14 - $15

So a $15 bid might snag one , + they seem to go for just under $20 on the online sites ...

But yeah ! forget about getting into a bidding war , put in a bid , and walk away . I think I put in maybe 5 or 6 low bids just to see where they ended .

Or you can snipe it w/ SW a couple seconds before it ends.

It happens , sellers driving up the price - which is why - I bid several times - so the seller learns my user name - and at what price I end my bid .

It works both ways - if you want it cheaper - costs you nothing to put in a bid - and walk away .

One day the seller may relent and let you have it at the lower price point - if not - no sale .

Ebay has become con central , just stick to your guns - and dont get into a bidding war - stick to your price point .

I note he sells some with high postage costs too. Be careful you bid only on the free post ones.

Id buy the 504 before a 501 ....

Well your talking drop in there :

I was talking host : The 504 is simply a better host than the 501 , most of my 501's have had clicky issues that have needed to be sorted out .