Possibly a good deal on ebay - Ended up as a scam


WARNING it may be a scam!


Ebay confirmed it was a scam!

If anyone paid for the itme initiate a paypal dispute asap! Sorry for any incovenience!

Zero feedback, prices too good to be true...

Might be a scam , especially as the pictures are ripped from Cyberport888

I agree. Staying away from this one. Besides, I already have 3.

I am tempted to buy... recommended?

Losing money on the lights, new seller no feedback, only 4 items, other people's images, ships out of Australia. Doesn't add up.

If merchandise doesnt arrive and you pay with PayPal, wont PayPal refund your money with eBay purchases?


I'm one for one cant lose much if the host is ok. If not paypal will do the job.

Darn you guys... now Im tempted to buy 10 of each item, like the MRV "giveaway". They would make for some more nice presents to friends and family... and PayPal is supposed to protect us if it doesnt show up. What do you guys think?

Mmmmmust Resist...

And on one item he even says "Each sale of an item, we will donate $ 1".

Maybe the more of us try it, the better are our chances getting help from paypal if it is a scam.

EDIT: Hm we don't need own our support: "History:90 sold"

Of the few items they have listed, already a couple hundred have been sold.

I believe it can't hurt to get 1-2 if the hosts arrive decent.

They're probably counting on either drawing the money out before people are supposed to get their stuff, or that many people won't bother for <$10.

You'll get your money back, but it's kind of a hassle.

Or I guess it's everyone's lucky day and somebody wanted to give out free lights

I can't resist even though it totally looks like a scam. Not only the pictures but also the whole auction text including estimated shipping times are a blatant copy of cyberport888.

well we will see how the ebay protection works :)

I have just bought SR-5 and R5-A3

My thoughts exactly.

Certainly sounds too good to be true. I've seen new sellers practically give stuff away in order to get five star DSRs and qualify for eBay's power seller program but, in this case I agree; nine bucks for a SR-5 and a R5-A3 just screams scam. And a pretty stupid one at that -- even if the guy actually manages to spend the money before Paypal catches on and freezes the account (and they're not really shy about that either), he's still likely to face federal charges.

I've had the R5-A3 on my whishlist since it came out. I seriously doubt I'll ever get it but at $9, oh well, I'll give it a shot.

What the heck. I don't have one of these yet and it looks like a XP-G R5 from the pictures. So I bought one. I know my chances of losing my money are greater than 50%. Not sure how this will work out if the guy sends something completely different because I'm sure not going to throw more money away sending the thing back.

Paypal shows the payment status as Unclaimed. Does that mean this guy doesn't even have an account yet? The payment just goes to an e-mail address.

I contacted one of the many sellers that sell those 800 lumen "skyrays" and told me it is a q5.