Post pics of your favourite 16340 flashlights!

great to hear… congrats on your mod
very encouraging…

Lots of nice little torches.I like Xevious lights. :+1:

My favorite one broke several days ago. :frowning:

A PD12vn w/ a Dedomed XPG iirc.

650L/ 20Kcd/ 282 Meters of throw.

I put Krazy Glue on the switch to create a dome so I could locate it better. Switch is a bit recessed. Very easy to find now even though I can’t use it!

I turned it on and went to switch modes nothing, checked battery put new battery in clean contacts nothing. I guess it’s a switch or driver? I have no skills to repair it. :person_facepalming:

with dead 16340 lights, you MAY be able to short circuit the driver, connect battery directly to the +
and use twisting for on and off

might work better with CR123A cells, a hot 16340 might flame out the LED

but i have done it with at least 2 lights that i didn;t want to lose

the CR123A cell is small, shelf life is forever, and it does not leak

good for car lights, seldom used dark corner lights


My other Three 16340.

From L to R

D25Cvn Ti, Olight S10,Olight S1 mini.

oh wait!

here is my favorite

$2.54 from aliexpress

super tiny

no switch to go bad [twisty]




I’m waiting for someone to get back to me for my PD12vn.

My D25Cvn Ti broke a few months ago! Lol! :person_facepalming: No doubt in my mind it’s a switch. It’s dead.

One might say why don’t you send them back to V54? Simple answer to that is he is talented but takes on too much. The last three lights I received from him had issues and I had to send them back. Issues out of the box. So I stopped doing business with him about three years ago.