Post pics of your favourite 16340 flashlights!

16340, CR123A, or RCR123A, doesn't matter as long as it's only one!

PS: you don't need to own the light, just post a pic from the internet, I want to see what lights are out there that I don't know of yet :)

Here are some of my favourites:

obvious name is obvious

Foursevens PK Knight

Olight S1 Baton

On The Road M3 (cheap clone of the Olight S1)

Nitecore EC11

Ultrafire U-F10 (cheap clone of the EC11)

Some of my 16340 favorites that i kept

FourSevens Atom
Aurora SH-034
CQG Bullet
EagleTac D25c Ti
FourSevens Mini ML Ti
FourSevens PK Paladin
Maratac CR123 Copper
Nitecore Ex11.2
Olight TC10 Ti
Sunwayman V10r Ti
Thrunite T20T
Trustfire Mini 01
Trustfire Mini 02
Ultrafire UF-10

Stock versions may vary considerably :innocent:

Nice collection! That modded UF10 looks like something I might want to buy soon :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a bit of work but i got a 16500 cell in there with a fet driver, much better.

My Three favorites are: Jetbeam Jet-II Pro, Jetbeam Jet-II MK, Olight S1 Baton

Olight S-Mini Ti BB (5D1 80+ CRI)

Thiz one

big fan of the On The Road i3

just dang beautiful!!!

Love the 16340, at least in a small “edc” light. Here’s my favorites:

I’m just sad that FastTech stopped selling the awesome 602C host… :weary:

The UF UF10 is quite different internally than the EC11 IIRC. The UF10 is a pull out zoomie like the SK68 whereas the EC11 has the two switches and quite a few more functions. I like the looks of both of them though. I have an EA11 and would also like to get the EC11 as well since I they have the same features (which I like). The UF 10 is very similar to the Tacfire SK69 from what I’ve recently seen.

NiteEye 10…also uses 18350… :wink:

EagleTac D25C

Wow had no idea they made a zoomie in that style! :smiley:

Yeah one is a cheap zoomie while the other is a high end reflector light. Both look nearly identical from the outside though :stuck_out_tongue:

16340 is my fav edc size, output, run time and of course size! Find it(along with 18350) a decent balance for every day uses.

Few i like a lot are………………
v11r mirage with 219c(thanks to gunga)

HDS rotary hi cri 200lm 219b

Haiku tana triple 219b 4500k

Pocket Rocket off PK


Difficult choice between these two, but probably the good old D25C (5000k nichia, biscotti fw and trits)

One is a lot bigger than the other :stuck_out_tongue:

Malkoff SHO.

My custom flashlight
I did not like PWM.
So I made a new driver for it :slight_smile: