Post pics of your favourite 16340 flashlights!

SWM V10R dark gray:

My 16340 collection

Nice pics guys! Thanks for sharing

My favorite 16340 is an Aspheric Utorch S1 Mini, modded to 2000k and 4500k Nichias
Aspheric Lenses are outstanding for close range and HatLamp use
I include an RRT-01 for the infinitely variable UI, the lowest low, and highest high (destined for a High CRI LED swap)
I include a Novatac, for the small hotspot, and Programmable brightness modes (destined for a High CRI LED swap, that will also triple the max brightness)

I have a couple of 16340 lights but for months I’ve been carrying a 4000k triple modded D25c ti (2017 version) with single led lighted tail. Occasionally I need something with a little more throw but the size, feel, tint etc… it’s been hard to find a new fav

Can imagine, very nice.

Very nice :+1:

Jetbeam dm-01
Manker e04
Foursevens mini turbo mk

awesome pics!

Some more:
Jaxmnve M3; Olight S1R Baton I; Wuben TO10R;
Jetbeam RRT-01; Olight M1T Raider
On The Road M1
(I am currently carrying the last 3 with me :smiley: )

I will own this one in a few days. I have bigger brother version that uses 18650.

I’m planning to get this one to use with the newly released high capacity Vapcell 16340 800mah

Old stuff but still working good.

Favorite 16340 edc light for me is the Fenix E15 2016 edition. Very rugged light, been dropped plenty of times and keeps on going. Beautiful beam from optic. Efficient driver that works on both CR123 and 16430.
Looking forward to the new Vapcell 16340s.

I want one too. Anyone have any idea when it’s being released?