Post pics of your favourite 16340 flashlights!

I can’t even find a picture of the tailcapswitch, but very interesting copper lamp!
Reminds me very much of my CRX Maratac :slight_smile:

Same thing here! I asked on Acebeam’s thread for some more photos, but so far couldn’t see any!
That is surely a sweet light!
As is your Maratac :wink:

I’ll be impressed if anyone knows what this is

^ Jetbeam DM20/DM25/DM26

that’s the new one that costs something like $400 right?

It certainly does. Available at Banggood and HKequipment at this moment.
I’m definitely glad that Jetbeam made this move, as they are one of the few Chinese manufacturers that make desirable Titanium EDC lights in my opinion. But man, it really should be sub $250…

I think this is my only 16340 light. I prefer 18350 form factor.

xtar WK42
i did not mind the PWM
it broke though
inductor fell off when i dropped it

converted to ‘direct drive’ using only cr123A

(shorted the entire driver ckt, sending battery + to the LED, using twist on/off as a switch
no more PWM at least ! )


Favorite 16340 light? Yeah that’s pretty easy for me…

I was just thinking yesterday why noone posted the Acebeam TK16. That thing is amazing. Best 16340 light I’ve owned. I bought the Osram version and liked it so much that I bought the XPG3 version, which is a good amount brighter but I like the Osram better because no tint shift and farther throw. I removed the pocket clip to make it much more compact. No use for the pocket clip anyways for such a light.

Both PK lights far right, 219b and 219c thanks to CRX. Trubo head 47’s also CRX with the xpl HI 4k.

Both novatacs breathed on by the awesome CRX, 1 nichia 219b 4k, other 219c 5k. HDS rotary is 219b 4k

This type of lights I bought after my n*AA era because CR123A packs more punch than AA.
Well not THESE lights, they are borrowed from the other forum.
Looking back: a shame these were (att. not yet) LiIon compatible.

I gave away the brushed Ti 123mini (greenish XP-G S3) and the SS S1 (blueish XM-L T6).
The polished Ti D25C with white-white XP-G S2 is still a mayor player in my BOB.

Looking for a light that I handle very carefully and that still looks beaten up …

… to find my favourite light. Of course, the S1R! :blush:

The backup …

… will hopefully keep its beauty. The Prince of Wales among my lights. Will likely never enter the throne.

I’ll add this one :wink:
On The Road 311

Added one to my favourite 16340s.

My new favourite one :innocent:

Eagtac D25C (modded)!