Post pocket clip compatibility please!

A few have been posted in the recent past, but I thought I'd pull them together and add a few. If it doesn't have a clip, it doesn't come along with me, so I've tried to find clips for a few lights...

L to R: Yezl Z1/ UF2100, Xeno E03, UF C3 3 mode, Trustfire F23, Aurora SH-033

The Yezl and UF2100 takes the Solarforce clip nicely - I ground off the tab, I think it works better.

The Xeno takes the Fenix LD20 clip, per the posting by stevetexas.

The SS C3 and the Aurora SH-033 take the Fenix PD10 clip quite securely:

Finally, the F23 takes the LD01 clip:

I've EDC'd all of these, and haven't had any problem with them coming loose. I love the C3/SH-033 style quite a bit, and now I can bring them with me. If you have any other clip-fits, please post them!

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The Romisen RC-29 takes the Fenix LD20 clip perfectly. Very snug and tight, and without scratching the anodization.

Second this, good idea for a thread!

Bringing this back to top. In another post somebody asked if the s-mini clip might fit the UF-2100 and variants and didn't get an answer . . somebody has to have both of those lights???

Big service if some of you will take some clips off your lights and post the inside diameter if they have a ring, or the outside diameter of the part of the body for clip on versions where the clip rides.

PS - I'm still searching to fit a specific niche (diameter under 22 mm and bright) right now and the light I get must have a clip . . preferably something that allows deep carry so that 20+/-mm of the light is above the clip.