Post Some Pictures Of Your Favorite Beamshots And State Light And The Yardage Please

Ok guys I thought this would be pretty cool to see your favorite beamshots you have taken with some of your lights. I'll start things off.

Professional's Favorite halogen spotlight at 110yds to neighbors pool

Same light at 250yds approx to those trees on top the hill. I really like this one below.

And then the same light at 350yds.

And here's one of my favorite LED shot with the M3X at approx 250yds to those trees on the hill. Look at how well it still lights up the pool at 110yds and the woods.

Now show me some of your favorites if you would.

Your first picture looks like a UFO shining a beam down.

Dongrui All-920 Q5 at 1.96A. Shed at 300' (91m).

The beamshot isn't the greatest and I don't feel like it is showing off the Dongrui like it should. The shed is lit up brighter. I had to use my cheap Nikon camera that I hate set to "Night Landscape". When taking the photo it flashes the flash a couple times before taking the shot. I couldn't disable the flash in this mode. I think all the light in the foreground is from the flash. The Dongrui has a very dim (but usable) spill outside of the hotspot.



Is that a copy of ultraok Q5 the killer thrower? Kinda looks like it but the beam doesn't.

See this new thread I made on it. It's an STL V3 clone from Manafont (at only $13.50). I would guess that this light is very much comparable to the Ebay "Super Tactics Q5 super thrower" (is that the one you mean by UltraOK Q5?). That "Super Tactics" one is on my wishlist (just waiting until after the Chinese New Year). Like I said above, this shot doesn't show off what this light can do! It's really impressive to me! (See the link to my thread.)


Cloud bounce. 700m away and 500m up. 13" 100W HID.

Very cool looking picture 2100, what light is that?

defocused triple xr-e with lenses



Please do tell. And how much? Now that's a thrower.


Has the Batman signal going on...will you make me one...:) 13" 100W HID, How long does the battery last on something like that? 2 minutes


I don't think that beam is from a flashlight but rather from an alien spacecraft and 2100 was there getting this picture he posted. LOL! That is the shot of the year right there. WoW!

I know Rick, your just like me. Your already wanting one.

I won't tell, if i tell then you'll buy's very simple, so i'm not telling. LOL! Ok I will PM. But if BLF search here you will find it also.

But seriously this is not a light that i'd recommend to just anybody, because there are some hurdles and "things to do" with regards to technicality as well as purchasing. But if you want entry-level short arcs performance for cheap (this is budget actually), then this is it!

"cloud bounce"

Would include that in my next review but I don't think any of my lights will bounce off a cloud. Damn . . . I thought my new Dry was bright. Would a Polarion even be that strong?


Would this be "Predator" Great movie...

This beamshot is just so awesome....Beam me up Scotty..

UniqueFire UF-X8

These aren't my pics, Hopefully I can post links to them (???)... Craig I will take this post down if you want just PM me.

55W HID DIY build

About 80 yards to end of trail:

Group beamshot

Beam us up Scotty!!

Not a beamshot but the HID is hanging on my shoulder

Kool pics, kramer5150! :)

Here's a good one.

Dereelight DBS V3 Tactical 375yds.

Same light at 20yds.