Post your Flashlight Organisers?

My flashlight collection is growing fast, i just place them headstand on my bookcase and topple them very often. Now i need something to get them organised, so please give me some ideas or post a picture of the place that you keep your collection. Thanks

Mine also started out on a bookcase and I had them “domino” on me more times than I can count. Plus dusting them all was a PITA. Now every one of mine below a certain size lives in Pelican cases and I really like it. I do kinda miss seeing them all out on the shelves, but this way there’s no dominoes, no dusting, better protection, and its actually much easier to find the light I’m looking for at any time.

erm… all of them on a shoe box. most 18650s have holsters, but AA/AAA and internal battery ones just rattle around

I am quite proud of my collection but over the years it has more of less unnoticed risen to a IMHO ridiculous number. Not something to share in plain view with SWMBO. So I use the quiet alcoholic method: spreading it over several drawers, cupboards, behind books, in my car, et cetera. I might get myself a showcase if/when I grow up.

Wow your collection is very impressive, thanks for sharing. That Pelican cases look very professional

I also put some in a shoe box but i found it’s not secure and the flashlight can get scratches when moving the box

Is it hard to find when you looking for a particular flashlight?

All my “spares” I keep in their original boxes, and all of those boxes 3D-tetrised into a “Banker’s Box” box+lid thingy. That also goes for empty hosts, and “complete” lights to be used as hosts.

Those that I keep “outside” for use at some point (C8F, UV S2, regular S2, F1, F13, etc.) I have in zipper-baggies (cloth-ish) that can fit 2-4 lights each, depending on their size. I generally keep all of them unloaded.

Those that I keep in active rotation depending on my needs, are the only ones that are loaded. SP10s, Q8, C8F, bobofett, etc. Those, I have… “around”. Usually a half-dozen or so, never more than a dozen. And that’s including the ones I keep in my bag and EDC or semi-EDC (’502, Jet-II, RJ02, TK4A).

WOW! Amazing!

I have made a few various “holders” for some of my lights already and one of these days I am planning on making a nice corner shelf with doors or a cabinet of some kind for a big part of the collection.

Here are the few I have made so far……………

First I did the “Grab and Go” box , which turned out more a display case than a tote around.
Made from Red cedar and I left the inside raw wood for the aromatic smell of the wood itself. Under the cells and in the bottom under the lights is lined with a padded rubber mesh.
It has slots for 11 x 26650 , 20 x 18650 and 16 x 14500 cells , with a mounted 2 cell intelli-charger and 6 lights with cut out slots , the lights are held down with Velcro straps.

The others are a lot more plain , or simple designs , but serve the purpose they were made for.

A rack that can be used for hanging lights , or used for hanging them and also the top part used for a shelf at the same time…………

A “tube light” holder made from raw red cedar with worm holes in it (just used what was handy to take picture)……….

And one I made for Dale (DB Custom) for a few of his smaller lights…. (Just had it propped up with battery cases to take the picture)

Those shelves are a great idea!
Do you use forstner drills to bore the large dia holes?

I actually used hole saws for those and then just cut out the front portion on the scroll saw , (on the larger shelf) rounded the top edges with the router and then sanded it all smooth. The smaller one was also hole saws and I just slightly rounded the edge with sandpaper on those holes. The Cedar “tube light” holder , I used a flat bit that I ground the point down on pretty short , so it didn’t go all the way through at the bottom.
I have been threatening to get a good set of Forstner for years , but have never done it because they are so expensive.

Thanks for the tip, I really like your ideas gets me to thinking about a small stand for the desktop or work bench, like a small flashlight hutch.

That red cedar box is gorgeous robo819, you are really talented.

emark - Pelican cases are a really good idea, thank you (great collection too!) I think I’m going to try that, I’m running out of drawers.

Here is mine, to keep the toyus organized.
The ones that are really used are in strategic places (in the car, jackets, along doors, in my motorcycles…)

I use these Flambeau organizers or Plano, some walmarts have ozark trail cloned Flambeau ones that are a little cheaper, you can customize the size of the interior spaces with the blue tabs, they stack on each other as well, then I put everything in a Sterilite bin.

wow I bought this exact type of box a few days ago, i was going to buy a drill to make a wooden flashlight holder then I saw this box and didn’t buy the drill, however i still want to make a wooden holder

Thats nice, I like the handle, I need something like that for my victorinox stuff, had a similar one but I cracked the top somehow, I also cut pieces of bubble wrap to line the bottom so things stay put better.

They’re mostly not very visible here, but I just line up my favorite lights along the top shelf of my desk, like an old army cresting a hill. This pic is old, but the general idea is still the same:

They are orsm organisers robo819. :beer:
You have lights hiuding everywhere TK. :slight_smile:

That box is gorgeous, Robo! Nice work.