- Post your recent LT1 & LT1M Action photos! -

Its been awhile since i posted a new topic, its time i do!

- Lets see those great photos of your BLF LT1 and BLF LT1M-Mini in use! (at home, camping, photography, during emergencies, etc.

I took the photos below of my production LT1 lanterns, (including the two original design prototypes that spawned the LT1 with Sofirn, (center lanterns) also the two LT1M Mini’s i have, photos taken two weeks ago, (November,5,2022) on my recently completed new front patio deck.

I did not include the Sofirn LT1S, because i do not have one. (i did request one from Barry & Sofirn last year to review, they said they would send me one then. (over a year ago) but they never sent one to me as they promised, so i can not post, comment or support on a version of the LT1 they created as an off-shoot from our BLF team’s work to create the LT1 and LT1M, that i have not tested or purchased. I planned to purchase a couple once i reviewed it, but for some reason they went silent and ignored my emails.

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Here’s mine at home with a 3D printed multi-function base:

and with a 3D printed red diffuser:

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Nice photos guys. Unfortunately, I do not post photos on BLF. Only on forums that are easy, like copy paste. Sorry, but I do appreciate yours!

This site is just about that easy…drag and drop or browse and select, and you have a couple of options: https://postimages.org/

Takes two seconds, then just copy the plain url option from the links they provide after uploading and put that into the image box thingy here in the reply section.

Can anyone help me please.

Can I get a link or point in the right direction for the small bowls people are using on the LT1?

Im in the UK and have been looking allover the net, cant find anything.

Awesome photos and nice deck!


In the USA we have found them in pet stores. Hikers take collapsed bowls to open and provide water for their dogs.

Trying out a green diffuser -

“Collapsible folding silicone bowl”

I got one in white from eBay for about £2.50 from China. The black plastic rim can be carefully pulled off. Don’t cut the hole too big, mine only just stays on as I was careless when measuring/cutting. Take the big o ring off the top and seat the bowl in the slot.

What size is the bowl you use. There are many different ones. Also, for some strange reason the white ones are harder to find…

Oh, DBSAR, I really like the deck!!