posting a picture from flickr

Does anyone know how to get a picture to post from flickr?

I copy the bb code and paste it into my post but all I get is a link which doesn’t work.

I have posted on other forums this way and the picture directly posts.

What am I doing wrong?

You would have to put the link in “!” marks, like so:
! link !

(without spaces inside the “!”)

Even without logging in. When you “quote” me, you can see what I have done.

The BBcode is a long string, you need to select the part after [/url]PSX_20180326_194135 by djozz1, on Flickr
But you only use this part:

If you past that in the insert picture menu you see it in the post (as said, the insert pic menu just adds exclamation marks at the beginning and end)

And that brings me to the next question: how can you stop the site from displaying URL’s abbreviated and as a link in blue, pretty annoying if you want to show a complete URL as an example.
(no, editing in ‘plain text’ does not help)

You don’t want to use the BB code.

Follow the below instructions to get the direct link to your photo, and then use the “Insert Image” icon to insert it into your post on BLF.