[Postponed] Sofirn SP10R - deep red AA/14500 EDC

Hello everyone,

Important update [10/23/2020]:

Sofirn informed me they will work on a new AA flashlight design, replacing the SP10S design. Consequently, SP10R will be shifted onto the new AA schedule. Due to larger scale launches of other new models, SP10R will need to be postponed until further notice. Please stay tuned for any future updates.

Since Sofirn's C01R received a lot of great feedback and interest, maybe it's time for the next step and release another iteration of Sofirn's successful SP10 series, now using deep red light. I call it SP10R to follow the naming convention of its prececessors SP10A, SP10B, SP10 V2.0 and SP10S. Sofirn was able to get a bunch of Luminus SST20-DR (660nm) which are fortunately not as difficult to source as Nichia's E21A, reasonable in pricing and great in performance. For those of you who have not come into contact with photo red / deep red light, you are highly encouraged to check out Sofirn's C01R using XP-E2 photo red which is on sale already.

Here's the datasheet to Luminus's SST20-DR: https://download.luminus.com/datasheets/PDS-003040-Rev-04-SST-20-DR.pdf

A review of SP10S can be found here, if you are interested in the general look of the SP10S host design: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/60177

Sofirn SP10R

For reference only - a sample picture of SP10S, a predecessor using a white LH351D LED but similar in shape and size.

Typical applications:

  • Low-light usage to maintain night vision capability
  • Finding keys, stargazing, astrophotography...
  • Military/outdoor use (reading maps, orientate without attracting attention, no attraction of insects)
  • Ambient colorful illumination (nightstand, decoration)

Typical light color (taken from C01R using XP-E2 photo red):


Emitter Luminus SST20-DR (deep red)

deep red (660nm dominant wavelength)

Dimensions 88 mm (length) x 20 mm (head diameter)
Net weight 38 grams
Output to be assessed but brighter than C01R
Operating voltage 0.9V - 4.2V


(no actual numbers!)

Firefly: 0.2lm (I=6-7mA)

Low: 2-3lm (I=25mA)

Medium: 30lm (I=250mA)

High: 100lm (I=800mA)

Turbo: 225lm (I=2.000mA)


1x 1.2V AA NiCd or

1x 1.2V AA NiMH or

1x 1.5V AA Alkaline or

1x 1.5V AA NiZn or

1x 3.2V 14500 LiFePO4 or

1x 3.7V 14500 Li-Ion

Switch Type e-switch sideswitch
Reflector Light OP reflector (as in SP10S)
Impact Resistance 1m
Water Resistance IPX-8 (2m)

Reversible clip

2x spare o-ring


keyring clasp


14500 li-ion battery (not included)

diffuser (not included)

UI (draft)

Hold from OFF ► firefly mode (~0.2lm)

1 click ► ON/OFF

Hold from ON ► Cycle modes low-medium-high (no mode memory from OFF)

2 clicks from ON/OFF ► Turbo ► 1 click back to turn OFF / 2 clicks to return to previous mode**

3 clicks from ON/OFF ► Strobe - SOS - Beacon*

4 clicks from OFF ► electronic lockout (on/off)

* strobe modes will be removed completely

** will come into consideration


over SP10S

  • direct access to firefly mode
  • click for ON/OFF and hold to cycle
  • no mode memory regardless of the battery chemistry
  • improved, stiffer tailcap spring to prevent sudden power-offs

Further suggestions

  • black anodized clip instead of bare aluminum
  • improved, more sturdy keyring clasp to prevent loss of the flashlight

Current project status:

  • Approval by Barry Lee (Sofirn) to start the project
  • Interest check ongoing

Please express your interest below this post. Thank you!

Interest List:

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Lux-Perpetua 1
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Total amount

(as of 09/13/2020)



Since this plan may eventually lead into an actual sales/groupbuy thread, I have decided to put this in the commercial sellers / BLF user negotiated deals subforum.


Nice! SST-20-DR (660nm) is a great LED.


Yes please!

I really like my C01R but I would much rather have a dual red+white LED for an AA light.


Interested in one.



Going with the trend I guess a red led SP40 will come along with a better UI?

I will probably get another one over my wife’s objections.

Yes… interested in one!

how great compared to other similar red leds?


Interested, thanks!


Like this?

Well, this would mean a complete new host and reflector design which is probably too much an effort. However, I will keep your idea in mind as it's interesting.

Alternatively, you could try looking for a flashlight like EagleTac D25LC2 Color using the (rather old) XM-L Color LED, with RGBW tints in one LED.

I'm not sure if a red SP40 would get a lot of interest. But Wurkkos's HD20 with dual emitter layout might be a good host for using both white and red light in one headlamp.

That's the right attitude! :-D Buying just another one exclusively for your wife might let her forget any objections. ;-)

I am afraid there's not much to compare this LED with. Cree's XP-E2 photo red is (presumably) less powerful and smaller in die size. Luminus has its direct competitor, SST10-DR with similar characteristics. My hopes are that SST20-DR will sustain more current, have more output at slightly larger dome size and will fit better to the SP10S driver supporting li-ion batteries.


In for two :slight_smile: