Power Out for 3 Days Now, 213 Dead in Alabama from Tornadoes!

We just had killer storms come thru this past wednesday in south east USA. We have been without power for going on 3 days now. My family is alright and no damage at our house but its bad through out other cities. One tornado was over a mile wide and went thru Tucaloosa Al, another was half mile wide. We had many around us throughout the day. Where I work had power lines tore down and the road into our building covered with trees. I have been off work for 2 days now. I borrowed a generator from my boss yesterday so first chance I have gotten to get on the internet. Able to save what was in our refrig and freezer. This caught us and everybody off gaurd, storms were suppose to pass thru quickly with a few small tornadoes, not a big deal around here, but the radar would be clear for the whole state and literally out of no where an hr later storms would be on top of you, scarry stuff. My well is 220 volt pump, only small 120 volt generator so we are gettin low on water. Wish i had a water purifier I could get straight out of river behind us. We have been hauling water to flush toilets. Going out today to find drinking water. My well is 250ft deep with submersible pump, trying to figure out how I could pull water out of it with different pump maybe, dont know. One thing no one is laughing about my flashlight obsession now. Budget lights have come thru and a tail standing light is so usefull!!! K-106 and F20 still going on same nimh been through one 18650 in my XPG L2i. Neighbor works for electric co-op and says we may have power today, maybe.

Please pray for people affected by these storms, covered 3 states and documented 160+ tornadoes! Death toll at 300+ probably still rising!

Absolutely incredible. We have quite a few users in the southern US, I hope they will post a quick update here to make sure they are OK.

This is the roughest spring weather season in the US that I've heard of in a long time.

So glad you're alright Mr Frugal! Be safe, and I hope your services are restored soon.

I'm in Georgia next door to Alabama. For some reason, Atlanta had tornados to the north and south of us, but none came through town. Alabama definitely got the worst of it. I was amazed at the death toll. Glad you are okay Mr Frugal! Thanks for checking in.

Thanks. Everyone in towns near us have power now. We will probably be last as we are rural area, hopefully soon.

A well is such a luxury really... until something like this happens. Where I live now we have city water, but I would prefer a raised gravity tank. We get more than enough rain here for my daily water needs, and the city water is extremely unreliable.

We live in north east corner of Al in the river valley. So far in the 8 yrs we have been here the tornadoes always cross the river west of us and go along the mountains north or south of us. The mountains south of us get hammered every storm. I would not want to live up there. I have heard yrs ago a tornado followed the river and if that happens again thats when it would be bad for us.

Just came on 15 min ago. Thank You Lord!!! Filling the tub with water in case we lose it again!!!

Frugal - Glad your family is okay. I lived in Northport while attending UA and it was a shock to see/hear of such devastation in Tuscaloosa.


Here in NorthEast Texas (Henderson/Longview area), we got the leading edge of the storm before it got really bad. We had a few small tornados apparently, but no deaths in the area I'm aware of. We had a lot of limbs and branches down. We lost power around 9:00 p.m. and I was ready with my flashlights in hand. Power came back around midnight though so we weren't down from long.

We're good now. Power hasnt missed a beat. Got the yard cleaned up today. Watched some of the videos and pics of the storms, simply unreal. I only have 3 real flashlights and could of used a couple more. Amazing how much I took light for granted, even in the daytime I had to depend on a flashlight to get anything done in most areas of our house. I need to be better prepared (more lights!!!) for next time.

I moan about the weather in Bolton quite a lot, summers tend to be short and rainy - winters tend to be cold and damp. So we don't get a lot of sun or a lot of snow.

It rather pales in comparison to the dangerous weather you have in other parts of the world.

I hope everyone is safe and well and I hope your families and friends are to.

I'm glad to hear that you and your family are ok Mr Frugal.

We are All glad to hear you're back online and are safe .Our prayers went out to all those who live in the affected areas .

We had one locally that 35 years ago was the worst in history and as a kid I remember that day very well..It went right down main street and killed a town and anything in it's way without predjudice. Tornados are mean and yet usually isolated and and very hit and miss yearing up some field .When they meet people they are very unfriendly ..glad you're safe and not in ships cem.// your buddy Boaz

Best thing about real power loss is breaking out everyones barbeque grills and banging on all the neighbors doors,draging them outside for an inpromptue block party and having a massive cook -off.

There was a mini huricane years ago in the UK it did very little damage. It's mostly only remembered because the day before it happened, the weather man on the BBC said it wasn't going to.

There is according to the Wiki entry more to it than that, but that is how everyone remembers it.

Thanks everyone!!! Our shop is still on generator power which limits us to what we can do. We cleaned up the grounds for half a day and then went into town to see if we could help out. There are still hundreds missing throughout the small towns in Alabama.