I’m in the market for some more rechargeable AAA batteries. Popped over to Amazon to check on Eneloop since that is what I currently have. I saw Powerowl AAA pack with overall positive reviews and figured it would be prudent to check here first. Anyone have experience with this brand? I did a search but it only revealed one thread where it was mentioned in passing.

Thank you.

stick with eneloops.
random chinese cells will only disappoint now that you are spoiled.
only reason to buy nonames is for testing.

Been using Ikea LADDAs. No problem as to date. Cheaper and some debat if they are Eneloops (very similar, indistinguishable).

Powerowl… lol. The translations they come up with are hilarious sometimes

Maybe Powerbluefootedboobie was already taken.

eats mice and poops batteries?
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yeah I'd buy them... just because they will need the money when they go out business . As a prepper be prepared for these to suck .As a cop it's probably like buying used bullets from china .

Buy Japanese cells ..the powerowls will probably work well straight out of the box like Chinese energizers or rayovacs and will probably impress you how well they work . Then end up dead 2 years from now ...where eneloops/Panasonic/sanyo/fdk etc will be working 10 years from now

Yea, but. 10 years from now we may @ll be toast?
The I ya told ya said dat. :wink:

Meanwhile, stick with Eneloops (they may last longer).

Power Owl?

That's the annual sporting event with brain damage.

Wait, no, that's Suberb Owl.

Thank you.

Thank you. I’ve have several of the Ikea rechargeables and may have to pick up some more. Be interesting to know if they are Eneloops or not.

I can’t wait until the general public realizes that most of the top reviewed amazon products are completely faked. https://reviewmeta.com/ is one somewhat useful resource in combating the fake reviews.

ReviewMeta is good.

The other one I know is this:


What the hell is with the related gifs section. It makes the post take longer to scroll past.

Honestly, no clue. I just coped the embedded code.

There we go. Fixed it.

Thanks :+1:

fdk most made in japan cells are fdk.
they may or may not be the same as their eneloop equivalents.
the fujitsu cells are and often found cheaper.

I finally finished testing them. They are more like 800mAh and lasted 200 full cycles. Not bad at all…

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