PR bulb LEDs, anything out there?

Picked up a couple 3D Mags for cheap and looking to set them up as power outage lights so I’m looking for some fairly moderate output bulbs to replace the krypton and xenon options they came with. 50-100 lumens is about right. Problem I am seeing is that other than Malkoff there doesn’t seem to be too many quality options out there- a ton of cheap chinese though.

Can anybody suggest a good quality, lower/medium output P13.5S LED bulb?

I’m not sure if Matt has upgraded these with the SST emitter himself or if he can source them that way, but it’s a great reasonably priced option. I think you can find the similar original-type option with a cruddy emitter for around $15 usually. He sells it for $21.69 plus shipping……add a glass lens for $6. Same thing from him on Amazon with the lens for $30. I saw one of these in a 2C and it was a nice incredible difference from the original bulbs (the cheap version, which I had myself in a 2D was very underwhelming although still an improvement over incandescent in output…but bleh). He says around 280 lumens with fresh cells for 3-4 and that’s probably not too far off. These replace the retaining screw-on bezel. There are still bulbs out there that are direct P13 base drop ins but those are pretty awful.

Really, for the money spent, it makes more sense to buy some cheapie modern lights, but the classic mag shape is so nice and fun to have around.