Pre-Release From XTAR: WK16 Venus!

Hi all,

Hope you like the show…


If you have an Xtar flashlight please let us know what you think of it…

A few WK50s… the Barbie-pink ones. :smiley:

Had an issue with a switch, but they were nice enough to send a replacement, no charge, no returning the old one. So, great customer service!

No problems with any of the others I’ve got. Switch-feel can be a bit “rubbery” and inconsistent, but it’s not too bad.

Really nice satiny finish, the deep pink makes it look like “grandma candy”. Yum!

Love forward-clickies, so that’s a big plus for me.

Great smooth beam (OP refl), nice color (cool side of NW but not a hint of blue/purple), nice mode-spacing.

Don’t recall if it can handle Li cells or just alkaleaks/NiMH.

My only druther would be if it’d go low→high instead of high→low.

All in all, I like ’em a lot.

I think Xtar must innovate a little in design….this review is around 4 years ago of WK41…. (is not possible make a differente design for new launch? :person_facepalming:

Nice video review.
I don’t have any xtar lights yet, I’m more familiar with their chargers.
I am curious to see what else they have coming out and some of the other lights already out there.
Thanks for the review.

It’s called a “classic”. Simple clean design…

Nice review!

I have several Xtar lights. Like Lightbringer, I’ve got several of the pink WK50’s that I think they were closing out for around $7 about a year ago. Love them and no one wants to steal them (well, except maybe the ladies). It’s also been my experience that they offer excellent customer service. The WK50 is a 1xAA only light. I’m assuming it must use a boost circuit. The boost circuit in one of my WK50’s failed so that now the light only runs on 14500 (much more brightly, I might add). I contact them and they sent me back a new replacement and told me to keep the broken one.

Their H Commander series are right angled head lights with additional red LED. I also own a few H2’s (16340) and 4 H1’s (AA/14500), both of which have been discontinued. Both models have been quite reliable, although their designs are a bit dated. I think they max out at around 330 lumens or so, give or take.

Around the same time they were closing out the WK50’s, they also were selling out the WK42’s (around $12-13 I think) so I bought a few of those too. CR123/16340 compact light. Also around 330 max lumens, I believe. No complaints, pretty much exactly what I expected. I have one clipped on the shoulder strap of my backpack, conveniently pointing downward at about 30-45 degrees to light up the trail in front of me.

I think Xtar’s a very reputable company. Many of the batteries that I own were purchased from Xtar Direct (now LumensDirect). They ship quickly, offer free shipping in the USA for orders over $10 (and really, who can spend less than $10???). I’ve purchased CR123A primaries, protected 16340, 14500, 18650 as well as IMR 18350 and also red Sanyo UR14500 (IIRC, too bad they don’t have them anymore). Been very happy with their products AND their customer support. I did have one of the 20 CR123A start to show signs of corrosion, but at 2 for $3.50, I wrote that off as the cost of business. Wasn’t about to bitch over $1.75, if you know what I mean. Oh, I also purchased quite a few of their smaller chargers, which have also worked pretty well for me.

I appreciate that they have good, reliable reasonably priced products, a local presence in the USA and are willing to go the extra mile to take care of their customers, UNLIKE another brand whose name rhymes with LARUS who has been pretty much all talk and no action if you can get them to respond to emails at all. I don’t expect stuff for free, but if YOUR product fails under warranty, I expect YOU to stand behind it and make it right. I did my part when I paid you for it. I believe Xtar gets that.

Over all, I think you can probably guess that I like them. :smiley: Haven’t ordered anything in a while, but my collection of 18350 lights is growing so a new order might be due.

Sold! :smiley:

I need some 16340s for lights that take only them and not 18350s. Figure I might “invest” in a 14500 or two, as I usually run straight alkaleak AAs in lights that take ’em.

And I like “free” shipping. I know, it’s built into the cost of the product, but it’s one thing to look at low prices, add it all up, then get hit with 10bux or more for s&h on checkout. Now those low prices ain’t so low anymore. Even higher per-unit prices but a WYSIWYG total price is just less of a psychological shock.

LD, here I come! :smiley: