Pre-sale on KS: ReyLight Rook 18350 Triple Nichia 519a

Pre-sale on Kickstarter.

My first collab with my friend.
18350, 3*Nichia 519a or XPL, Aluminium, reverse clicky, Sapphire lens, TIR lens.
Orange, Black, Grey, Blue, and Red anodized aluminum.

Here are the specifications:

  1. Nichia 519a 4000K LED with an estimated max output of 1,500 lumens, or optional XPL HI 5000K LED with an estimated max output of 3,000 lumens, battery & ambient temperature affect things.

2. The Sapphire lens for scratch resistance and durability.

3. Glow in the dark gasket.

4. Reverse clicky for smoother operation.

5. Custom-made rubber cap for waterproof ability, IPX7.

6. Rook-shaped CNC machined body.

7. Custom-made clip compatible with SF clips.

8. Seven slots for tritium vials (4 on the tail, 3 on the switch).

9. UI similar to my previous light, 4 settings * 5 modes.

The regular price is 69$ (Est shipping date is in the mid-Jan 2023)
I don’t have the option to add trits on the KS page, let me know what you want after the campaign ended, and I will install them for you once I got the price for the tritium vials, some colors are available, but not all.

That is one ugly light imo.

Looks great to me, great work as always :+1:

So what does the clip look like?

I was excited when I saw a tail switch light that fits in light painting connectors, with side clip, and last mode memory for strobe (in one mode group). However I was disappointed when I found out the strobe is alternating frequency instead of constant frequency. Another potentially good light for light painting photography fails at the last hurdle again.

Will there be any logos or print on the flashlight?

Looks good, what size trits does it take?

Nevermind I found it. 1.5*6mm trits

I am at a loss in understanding why any lights use the alternating strobe frequency. Photography, sure. But the whole idea of disorientating an aggressor is made moot by doing this.
There are solid studies on what works… alternating them just defeats the purpose. Please stop…

Being Tacticool is 3/4 of being tactical

Dunno. It’s too… busy.

Maybe some people like that, with all those cuts and notches and bulges and bumps and stuff, but nah, not for me.

Even looks uncomfortable to hold. Sorry.

I can understand alternating frequency strobes if manufacturers market the strobe as such for tacticools (e.g. Nitecore), but if the strobe isn’t being marketed as being alternating frequency then why have so many manufacturers pointlessly changed from constant frequency to alternating frequency? There are so many potentially good lights for light painting photographers ruined by alternating frequency strobes instead of constant frequency, recent examples being Nitecore, Acebeam, and Nextorch’s recent dual tail switch lights, Convoy S2+ Biscotti/12 group, Fenix PD36R, etc.

Too tacticool for me

LED choices, sapphire lens, UI all look good. Personally, I don’t find the body shape to be attractive, but I can see how others would; good luck with the Kickstarter!

Edit to add: it’s not relevant for this thread but I’ve just spotted the 2AAA pinapple minis on the reylight website- THOSE are good looking lights :smiley:


Just “too much”

Thank you! Rayman. I am still working on the clip.

Thank you for your kind words. Everyone has different tastes.

Constant frequency sounds like a cool idea. I might dabble it sometime. Thank you for your nice suggestion.

Thank you for asking. The trit size is 1.5*6 mm :+1:

Yes, there will be. My logo and Vosteed’s logo.