PREDICTING the biggest flash developments that'll hit in 2019.....

1). I predict the Osram HX Boost led will shake up this place pretty good. :sunglasses:

2). The LEP market will go basically nowhere except for narrow niche applications as its high relative cost vs HX Boost led low cost performance will overshadow its initial impact. The other Osram offerings will get overshadowed too. I mean why be called the new “throw king” when your own HX Boost will kick everyone else’s azz?

3). Enderman will break the HANDHELD led flash throw record. :student:

Watt are your predictions BLFers?

Let’s see if there’s a Flashstradamus amoung us. Hey that’s almost catchy. :open_mouth:

  • Zebralight will realize that people like lights with good emitters, and start using more HIs and LH351Ds.
  • Sofirn will continue listening to reviewer/community feedback and make some excellent budget lights.
  • CRX will continue making magical, shiny pieces of functional art.
  • US flashaholics will get screwed over by tarrifs.
  • Wowtac will release an AA/14500 light.
  • Imalent will make a light that hits 80,000 lumens.
  • Olight’s engineers will stop messing around with white LEDs and go straight to blue emitters.

California will ban flashlights with strobe. Millions of flashlights will have to be turned over authorities or owners could be sentenced to 12months imprisonment and a $2,500.00 fine.

U could end up right. Or any flash with a batt capacity greater than 2 X 18650 will be banned. A high capacity flash ban. :laughing: :open_mouth:

The FW3A will be finished.

  1. FW3A and the Ultimate Lantern will both be done in time for Christmas. :wink:
  2. Just a month (or less) after HX Boost is the standard in every thrower, some LED manufacturer will make a new emitter that blows it out of the water. :person_facepalming:
  3. Dale will finish a new scratch made light that reaches 100,000 lumens from a single 21700 cell. :smiling_imp:
  4. Lumintop will round out the GT line of throwers with a 10440 size and 26650 size and will switch to using “White Flat” emitters in all of them. :money_mouth_face:
  5. raccoon city will welcome someone to BLF who actually doesn’t like Milla, so he will bring the “Licker” out of retirement for that guy/gal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Young people in Generation “?” will figure out that cheap postal rates and cheap lights might be good for them personally but bad for rest of the collective free world and their grandchildren.

The High CRI COB LED announcement from CREE earlier this year will become significant.

Protective cells will make a comeback due to the obvious in many applications.

Prices will necessarily double or more for most of what has been dumped here previously for good reason.

Let the outrage begin.

TK will finally introduce her version of WOP (wireless optical programming) for the multitudes.

I don’t think so. Thrunite already sells the T10v2 for $20, and it’s cheaper to make a low-end 18650 light than a low-end AA/14500 light because a simple linear driver will work.

I’m am hopeful but quite doubtful. If it’s ever done it will end up being the FW3.14159265358979323846264338A.

Haha thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
I like your enthusiasm!

Currently Polar Li is making his 100+Mcd searchlight handheld (albeit a bit big and heavy) so I’m looking forward to seeing the lux numbers from him, because that will definitely break the current 52Mcd record.

So yeah, it will definitely be hard to beat that, but we will have to see, 2019 will be an interesting year :slight_smile:

Yuji LED will come out with an actual flashlight ( 18650 )

On November 30th 2019, California will begin to register ALL flashlight sales. Flashlights produced after 2019 will be required to carry an engraved serial number, no more than a total of 1200 lumens allowed to be purchased by one individual per month, all flashlight sales will be limited to those over 21 years of age. No flashlight will be allowed to contain or produce a “Strobe” mode. Lanyards can be no larger than 6” and must be firmly attached to flashlight. All flashlight owners must pass a proficiency course every other year, the test will be written and will cost $37.00. Failure to comply with these new laws could result in incarceration, fine and or confiscation of your Flashlights. California again leads the nation in new “Tactical Flashlight” era.

California will require a Prop 65 cancer warning on all flashlights, batteries and LED’s.
Texas will banish the night.

Anyone feel if electricity and running water was just invented California would never approve it as safe for house hold use.

In 2019 with the passage of California’s new law regarding ownership of flashlights, which was quickly followed by all 50 States, with regards to the usage of the phrase “Tactical Flashlights” marketers quickly realize that the word Tactical for a flashlight is rather ridiculous and changes it to ” Utilitarian Flashlight” were it is then countered with a new clause in the law that states,
Each light must be designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive.
This will cause great confusion being subjective and eventually leads to the banning of flashlight sales outright,
Then import taxes will be imposed on China, if not a possible ban of all electronics coming from China and a ban on all exports of electronics to China, and the only people who will have beautiful tactical lights with be those who were already master craftsman at BLF before all this junk went into effect and those skilled craftsman will sell their lights for extremely high prices to the severely addicted.

This California bashing is really getting tedious.

I hope to see 2000+ lumen regulated output flashlights come down in price to rival our linear driven 1000ish lumen wonders. May not happen but one can hope.

California is a little crazy, but the weather here is so nice!

Certainly didn’t occur to me that I was bashing CA., and therefore I am sorry if I offended a Ca. resident,
I could have just as easily said Washington State but it just wouldn’t be the same and besides I was only following a previously posted Flashstradamus prediction.
Edit: I did say quickly followed by all 50 states, my disclaimer as to singling out any one nutty state from another.

Russia launches different satan2 (rs-28 sarmat) and we have…“.the biggest flash developments that’ll hit in 2019……”a sea pure bright white light.

I want to make it to Cali someday, various places are on my bucket list.