Premium Light - Budget Price

JETBeam LED Flashlight with Magnetic Dimming System (Black) $105.35

The price I payed was $40.29. This was clearly a price mistake on the site. I ordered it, nothing happened for 7 days and then they changed the price to $105.35. I thought that they will cancel my order. Today I had a look a status says shipped. I know on this title it does not say RRT 21.

I'm praying to the flashlight gods for the correct light. The one below.

Hopefully they are not as bad as bestofferbuy. They had the Trustfire X6 for $47, I ordered one and they said the manufacturer had none due to a fire.

Lets see how Good Focalprice's Customer service is?

Am I going to get a budget light or Premium light?

I hope you get it.

Langcjl thanks mate, I'm just hoping.

I have nothing to loose.

You lucky b****!?!!if you received it that is.

Me thinks you will get something else of substantially less value but you never know.

Maybe this

Just the same case here. That makes two of us crossing our fingers. LOL

Or this

wow, is that a time travelling flashlight? DX has everything now

im always jealous when you guys find these deals, like the x9 deal some of you got, or was it the z5? hope you get it, you shoulnt have to pay for their f up

XRAYBoY lets hope we get the right Light. We both know why we did not make this offer public.. Now we have more of a chance to get it at the budget price.

P.S When you receive this package please post a pic no the site and I will do the same.

Yes, in my forum was the third attempt to take advantage of an “offer” of FP.

Their (FP) reaction is very quick when detect a massive order...unfortunately it was the only way.

I will post here when arrives (whatever they send us)

P.S: This forum is much more polite. In mine I'm still (although they understand) holding verval threats.


Thanks for saving me $40! :)

Did you order one and shave they sent it?

If yes please post pics of what you receive.

Your right this was the only way we were going to get this light. When I first saw it, I left it for 3 days without ordering it. The I ordered it and a week after it was at the lower price. Then it changed, I expected a paypal refund, but nothing then I checked my A?C and nothing changed, a few days later it said Item sent.

....Your chances of getting hit by a dead seagull in the sahara while sunbathing on a thursday are greater ..

I'm going to give them a chance. Lets see what they will send me I think it will be a JETBEAM. The specs and images all point towards a JETBEAM

No. I was just trying to think positive. :)

I you would have told me, I would have bought it. So, I kind of saved $40. :D

Today comes the reminder to pick up the package at the post office.
Tomorrow is the D day. The outcome of the mystery is near.

Let's see if we have to hate you two or not haha, I hope we will

I just hope it's a JetBeam. I got a package today but I was not in and have to got to the post office tomorrow. Could be from Focalprice or DinoDirect.

Xrayboy when did they send your package. Mine was shipped on the 28th of October.Depart on the 30th -10-2011.