premium neutral white Luminus SST-50 emitter, GJ bin ?

I asked Bryan Chen at Shining Beam what his warmest neutral flashlight was, and he pointed out an X-Thrower with a "premium neutral white Luminus SST-50 emitter, GJ bin "

I am just newly assimilated to the Cree tint charts, and was wondering if someone could help me place this GJ bin luminus in a general perspective in relation to the Cree charts.

* LED part number: SST-50-W45S-F21-GH400

Okay, so far have this pegged in 4500K range. Can anyone give me a comparison of this against a 4C.

That SST-50 looks like the same one used in the P-Rocket I’ve got. I also have an XP-G that’s 4C in that tint comparison thread I made here. Both lights were tested in said thread.

If I had on XP-G and an XM-L, both in 4C, how would they compare to each other visually?

I checked the data sheets of both before making my post and the chromaticity for both XM-L and XP-G are the same. This would suggest that, if you had both LEDs of the same tint, then they should produce the same colour.

Thanks for your help in my research Rod911. I’m thinking of ordering both the X-Thrower with the neutral SST-50, and the P-Rocket with a XP-G R5 4C just to compare tints.
I think I read in someone’s post that he felt the neutral tints from the XP-G was superior to the XM-L.