[Preview] EDC18 by Lumintop - FIRST LOOK of a Anduril sideswitch EDC flashlight

Hello my dear friends!

Today i preview the Lumintop EDC18 for you - a 18650 powered sideswitch flashlight, driven by toykeepers great Anduril UI.

A reverseable deep carry clip, the tail magnet and the illuminated switch are big improvements of the FW3A idea while keeping the good points of it.


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if you are interested in a optional 18350 tube vote here: https://forms.gle/dx9mTG1TNvSR2QJu8


THANKS to banggood for the early (preproduction) sample!

Unfortunately the LUMINTOP EDC18 that was reviewed by me here is different in another point than those mentioned in my review!


We’re all clamoring for dimensions, or do I have to watch the video…

Thanks for the video. Finally, something I can give my partner without worrying so much. She wants my Anduril lights because of candlelight mode but I can’t trust her with unprotected cells. Hopefully it will come in different colors in the future.

~27mm head
25mm tail
98mm length

Sept 9th! Kind of wish it came with a warm white emitter. My FW3A with Cree XP-L HI 7A 3300K is so good.

I can not understand how a spring friction fit clip is an improvement over one that is attached to the body that can not come off on its own?

I am carrying the FW3A over the D4V2 just because of the clip.

Two things, it is reversible and it is deep carry.

Is the magnet removable and is there a hole to attach a lanyard?

Max has said the magnet and tail pcb are glued into place.

Can you check if this diffuser fits on FW3A?

it does not :(

I got that part but what I meant to convey is that I have never had one of those clips that would not unclip without my permission.

So I try to avoid them at all cost.

I’ve only had that happen when I carry the light on the outside of my pocket. You can take a weak clip and bend it so it holds on to the body tighter. Nowadays my clips are mainly just to prevent it from rolling away. Lol

Lumintop is LAZY.
Why did they use the driver design from fw3a? It has been designed for use with tail switch flashlights.
By designing a normal driver they could improve heat dissipation from AMCs.

At the beginning I was interested, but now when I look at this outlier button I dunno that I want this light…
Martin, how hard is this button? Can you compare to something?

harder than Emisar D4

Look closer, it is designed differently. There is no inner ring. They kept the same FET+7+1 architecture and software because it works just fine. I don’t think there is a problem with AMC’s getting hot. They can handle over 250°C during reflow. I have not heard of heat being any kind of issue. Have you seen reports of heat being a problem for the AMC’s?

I’ve seen nothing anywhere that answers the following:

  1. Is the side switch illuminated?
    If so,
  2. Can the side switch be controlled by Anduril?
  3. Is the side switch only one color LED, or is it multi color?
  4. Can the side switch be used as a locator?

Anyone know the answers to these questions?


1 yes
2 yes (seems possible, have to wait for confirmation)
3 single
4 it stays on, so yes.

Great, thanks!

I felt kind of dumb asking the question since it seems like such an obvious bit of information that would be posted on the product page or otherwise readily available.

Just curious so I know where to look next time before I ask… where did you find that info?