Previewing a comment in a poll thread, can you save from there?

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:

I was just adding a comment to a poll thread and previewed it before adding it. Having successfully previewed, I could not get the comment to save. I copied the post, went back to the original thread and pasted it into the quick reply and clicked save to get the post to become a part of the thread.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a thing?

Windows 7, Firefox 47, using TK’s Stylish BLF dark theme.

No tried it and it indeed does not work

Android chrome

Ha-Ha! I voted “yes” then tried it. Not only did it not work, but I was bumped into a limbo zone, and had to refresh the page to get back here. While on that page, I noticed at the top this message:

After I refreshed, I noticed that my vote had indeed been cancelled. It’s like the forum software knows it won’t allow saving a comment from preview in a poll, and is doing it on purpose. :smiling_imp:

Doesn’t work on firefox/cyanogenmod 12.1

Who are the three people who got it to work?

Just tried works for me with Chrome

Windows 10 / Chrome

PS / I also tried after I voted and my vote was cancelled.

EDIT / It works just fine IF you do not “Preview” first.

EDIT #2 / BUT, if I go back and do an “EDIT” on my post, and “Preview” it … my previous vote is Cancelled. :person_facepalming:

Hmmmmm, this is beyond me? :wink:

Nope for me, too.

Not working in palemoon for android either. Thought it worth a try since I can’t upload to photobucket using firefox 48 but no prob with palemoon. FWIW, palemoon was forked from firefox before devs decided to make it a chrome clone.

OK, So I guess it isn’t just me… I can’t do much about it, and it probably isn’t that big a deal. Thanks everyone.