Price 30% OFF at

no problem. would love if you could review it when you get it. I almost bought that one a few weeks ago.

JM and I share similar hairstyles :wink:
I have EDC’d the new SE1 for a while and it’s a tank. The output on AA is not impressive, but on a 14500 it’s great. There is so much mass in the head ( :smiley: ) that heat is not an issue; by the time it gets hot, the battery is dead.

Can’t access, website is down?

I’m in the same boat…. :_(

…So my new SE-1 finally turned up today, & low & behold, the Keeppower’s DON’T FIT IN THE TUBE |(

I threw an Enerloop in, & it’s a nice fit - seems that the protection circuit trace & wrap on the Keeppower’s makes them a no-go.

Is the 30 off promotion over? Think price reverted to normal. I’m late to the party.