Price 30% OFF at

Hi Guys ,

We offer some Clearance Sale in our store.

Price: 30% OFF (All items under “Price 30% OFF” catalogue)

Many items have only 1-3 pieces available. Be hurry.



That shadow in the first pic is tempting but I must resist.

Hey they have a LusteFire!! And prices only about 30% higher than comparable name brand items, yes I be hurry.

Hmm, the page the link leads to changed…now some are reasonable, but less than half the items shown, and no Lustefire :frowning: If that one was reasonable too I might get it for the funny name :smiley:

Snagged a Balder SE-1 NW for just $16. Thanks, Ric!!

This is what I’ve got my eye on…

Thanks Ric!

Bought one Shadow Mini TC6 for only $24.50

Yeah, I bought the Old Shadow:

Hey, Ric, I hope that I read it right, that there was no added shipping for this, even though it was under $30 dollars, Right? I left a note for you on the order…

Bought one of those too , and also chose the 30+ dollar free shipping. I did not leave a message though...

I have that older Balder SE-1, and I like it. Great price for it too. Really takes a beating and keeps on going.
Very tempted by that TC300 as an XM-L2 mod host…
Edit: NVM, I have the newer SE1, based on the pics.
Edit2: The only significant difference I see is the clip being reversed. Otherwise, pretty much the same. I noticed it’s sold out now too.

Looking for an excellent EDC light ?

Buy this .

That’s why I snagged one. :wink:

I wonder how many they have available?

Gone, there were only three or so. It’s nice, you should like it.

If it’s like my other 2 Balder/Taotronics it should be spectacular.

Yep. Sold out. I tried to get one too.

Thanks for the heads-up, I snagged a Balder SE-1 (CW) along with a few Keeppower 14500’s…. almost was late for work looking through the deals :slight_smile:

I wonder why JohhnyMac likes balder flashlights? :wink:

Was wandering through store after reading post and saw this

Could someone with more knowledge than I tell me if this would be a STL-V2 clone with forward switch?

Hope so…

Looks like a sunwayman t40cs copy

Thanks Haterade

Heheheh. I can’t imagine why. :bigsmile: If you don’t already own one you need to get one. I now see what all the fuss was about. If their performance matched their build quality they would be spectacular. After having a couple of their premium offerings I’m looking forward to seeing what their “budget” offering is like.