Price comparison of Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh unprotected button top batteries

These are the October 01, 2019 prices I found at the 5 suppliers given to me in this thread:

Individual battery price, excludes shipping, listed alphabetically by domain name:

$5.99 -
$5.99 -
$6.49 -
$5.09 -
$8.05 -

Sets of 4, prices include the cheapest shipping option to my location (39532), listed from low to high price:

$22.63 ($20.85 + $1.78) -
$27.74 ($20.36 + $7.38) -
$28.57 ($23.96 + $4.61) -
$31.93 ($25.96 + $5.97) -
$31.00 (plus ??? shipping*) - (*out of stock; website could not calculate shipping)

If anyone is curious, the reason I did not check prices of other suppliers is because I’m new to 18650 flashlights and these were the only U.S. suppliers given to me in the thread linked above … and I wanted to stick with U.S. suppliers to insure that I would receive genuine cells.

Also note that I did this comparison after I had already purchased a set of 4 at, and I’m happy to say Thank You to Lightbringer for pointing me to the lowest-priced supplier on this list!


Well, then thank you for giving us tomorrow’s prices, it’s good to have a time machine :smiley:

The mayor supplier you forgot to include is

Other suppliers listed in Parametrek search tool are and , but these are less known.

Sorry about that. For some reason I thought today was the first of October.

Ooh, maybe I can get some more from FT with that 15% off dealy…

I’m in no rush.

I didn’t forget, I just didn’t know about them until now, thanks for telling me.

I’ll add all these to my supplier list for if/when I do this type of research again.

I had some time this afternoon, so:
list price $5.50 each; a set of 4 = $27.91 ($22.00 + $5.91) list price \$4.00 which sounds great until you realize that the top style is not specified, so these are probably flat tops; nevertheless a set of 4 will cost you a whopping \$35.72 (\$16.00 + \$19.72) — making this the most expensive of all suppliers because of their extreme shipping charges. :( no price shown, and impossible to calculate shipping because they are sold out. :(