Private messages are all gone

All my private messages have disappeared. All gone. Has this happened before?

All of mine are still there and intact. Thank God!

No prob here also :~

Nope. They are not gone.

Yikes, I honestly don't know how that might have happened. Do you think it's possible you somehow accidentally checked the "select all" box and then hit delete?

How important are those messages for you? If there's anything really critical I could maybe try to at least locate the information for you in a backup.

Please let me know. Sorry this happened to you...

Hi CheapThrills,

This is an automatic reminder from the site You have received a new private message from stefanie1214.

To read your message, follow this link:


I have a clue someones playing on us.

No, this was just a private message spammer. She sent a whole bunch of spam PMs, so I deleted her and her messages.

ahh, Ok :)

I didn’t delete them. It’s not the end of the world. I keep copies on my HDD. Don’t trust any server ever.

I just thought it odd, that it happened. I just went to look and there were none there any more, but they were there this afternoon.

This is why our Mr. Admin is sooo awesome! Thumbs up to you and thanks for watching out for us.