Problem with Thread

Mr Admin,

Potential problem. The new Mr. Lite AA thread will not display beyond post 24 for me. I click on last post and it only brings me to the original post. I scroll down to the bottom and end at post 24. I hit the reply button and nothing happens. I keep seeing that there are now 60+ posts and I can't read most of them. Any ideas of what may cause this? It seems to be the only thread to be doing this. I am going to try to log out and back in again to see if that fixes it.

Internet Explorer 6? try firefox, chrome, or safari

Failing that, try empying the browser's cache and deleting any cookies from budgetlightforum. I appear to have 5 of them.

Thank for reporting this SirJohn!

Hmm, yes, if you are using Internet Explorer 6 it would be good to upgrade to something else. Also Don's suggestion is good. Could you post some details about your system?

Thanks a lot!

I use IE8 at both home and work and had the same problem both places. The weird thing is that it is only the one thread. I just used Firefox and was able to read it, but I despise Firefox and Chrome is not supported at work. Computer I'm on now is on Vista.

Just went back to try the thread on IE8 again and it is now working. Go figure.

Here at work, I have the same problem with IE8 ... mysterious... I hope it's not my post causing this ... because it is cut off in the middle (#24), before a citation.. I will edit it, when I get home... you can jump to the last post via the button at top... page 2 works flawlessly

Hmm I guess we'll chalk it up to a fluke?

OK... It was my post ... obviously I copy and pasted an invisible character... sorry for the inconvenience for all IE users... lesson learned ... never CNP something out of a Chinese Word document

Same thing happened to me yesterday and today with the Mr. Lite thread. It happened once before with a different thread which I just ignored since everything else worked just fine. I'm also using IE8 which I know has many problems but I am used to it after all these years. Frown

Is it still post #24 which is causing problems? I think IE has problem with invisible Chinese letters.