Proper Thread Lubrication.

Hasn't been a lube thread in a while so...

Ever since I started collecting flashlights I had been using Gun oil for lubricating threads. For the most part it seemed to worked. It minimized squeaking, but it was a little messy.

On a whim I went searching for a better solution. I saw Super Lube recommended several times (had to dig for thread lube recommendations in general). $5 for a fairly large tube? I'll give it a shot.

So I did and I don't think I've made a better $5 purchase ever. It smooths and silences all but the absolute worst threads (still vastly minimizes the worst threads). It corrects or improves on sloppy/loose threads. It covers quite well (I've cleaned and lübed up bezel threads and front and rear battery tube threads on every flashlight I own [around 75] and still have about half a tube left and I tend to use ample amounts.)

It doesn't seem like it would change much, but it really does.

Yeah, the right lube on anything makes a difference. That said, chapstick or rubbing the threads through your hair or hamburger grease is better than dry threads…. Like metals (aluminum, titanium, copper, etc.) WILL gall without lube, so it is very important to lube your threads.

Your find looks good for the money! Thanks for the share.

I had picked up the idea that a good thing was to clean the threads with 90% alcohol and a cotton swab, and then apply a little silicone grease, in my case Yezl brand currently, is that the right thing to do?

What is the ideal preperation for a newly arriving flashlight?