Protected NCR18650B from Banggood OK?

Anyone try these from Banggood and found them to be reliable?

Yes, they should be fine, but they are cheaper on other places, like the liitokala store on aliexpress.


Many used batteries,cheaper than original ncr18650b

disassembly from battery pack, positive and negative have welding spot
Reworking PCB
Please measure the capacity,maybe not good

One of these days I may start to do something like that, thanks.

@ Kirman,

Several years ago I had a bad experience with cells very similar to these. I was on vacation and put my fully charged SRK in my travel bag but, forgot to lockout the light. It turned on inside my bag and fully discharged the cells. When I opened my bag a few hours later, everything inside was still hot. The cells had fully depleted, and could not be saved.

The 18650B cells in batteries you are looking at are probably fine, but the cheap protection circuit is questionable. My opinion, if you really need a protected cell, but one with a good protection circuit i.e. Seiko.

Maybe not the best place to post this but a UPS truck had an exploding package burn up the truck yesterday. No determination the cause yet but I’m guessing you know what.

Can you tell what protection circuit they use just by looking at them?

This information is typically not listed anywhere.

Probably not seiko. I got some NCr's from aliexpress with genuine seiko protection circuits, but the body of the cells were sort of oval shaped so I dumped them all.

@ Pete, I can’t give you an accurate answer about identifying the circuit by looks. It appears that several of the cell rewrappers advertise the Seiko circuit if they use them. Even some of the “smaller” company’s like EVVA, advertise the fact.

Again, just my opinion, don’t buy the cheap, protected, cells from BG, Fastech, or GB, and expect the protection circuit to actually work.

FWIW, just a few weeks ago I found some of the cheap cells I am referring to, stashed in a box, in my basement. I proceeded to remove the protection boards, and put the cells to use in a couple of utility lights around my house.