Protected Panasonic 18650 on Ebay

I was searching trough Ebay for some stuff and came over this search:

(search string: panasonic pcb 18650)

So what do you guys think, genuine stuff? The price seems quite good, $21 with free shipping for a pair of protected 2900mAh Panasonics, that's half the price of what you would pay for AW, Redilast and the other quality batteries. If the cells are genuine it might be a good deal, but I'm not sure the protection is up to it considering the bad PCB on the Intl-Outdoor cells.

Any daring souls out there?

Yeah, cheaper but no protection.

The unknown component is the protection circuit.

As seen with the Intl-Outdoor cell fiasco, one can handicap a high-quality cell with an inferior PCB.

I would stick with known brands (e.g. Callie's) until these are tested.

I don't see a PCB bulge on the bottom.

Yes, I can see it on those. It may be there on the first ones you posted, but I can't see it. Maybe its the color of the wrapper.

Also, if you look at the bottom of this listing that you posted, you can see that someone asked the seller if they were protected, and the seller said they were not.

Well then disregard my post. Sorry.

I deleted my wrong info. That way nobody gets wrong info.

Thanks for correcting me.

Ahhhhh, who wants a protected cell anyway. That's like taking a shower with a raincoat on. Oh wait, that's something different, nm

Well, I would love to only use the known brands, problem is price and (for us on the other side of the pond) shipping. If these Ebay-cells are good I would be able to buy them for about half the price of the known brands, and that has to be in the spirit of this forum don't you think? ;)

People here seam to have really good luck with Trustfire Protected Flame batteries. I am new to these myself, I just received earlier this week a set of the 18650s and 14500s. They all seem very nice. The thrustfire flame 18650 runs my Nailbender XML L2P just as well AW 18650. For $11.70 shipped for a pair of 3000mah, I highly recommend them.

I'm avoding the TF Flames, to much of a gamble. One day you buy good ones from DX, the next day they're just crap. Looking at HKJ:s review made me decide to never buy them again since it's impossible to know if you get good ones. I have one pair, one cells PCB was DOA, it reset with every use so I thrashed it.

I want good, reliable cells which I know the Panasonics are. The problem with the Ebay cells is the unknown PCB. Oh well, I might as well wait for the new ones from Intl-Outdoor which I hope will be good.

People including myself have been having good luck with the new 3000mah TF Flames from Manafont.

Those are good batteries. I really like mine.

Yeah I only have a pair so far, but they powered everything I needed to with ease including my 3.1A XML drop-in. So I ordered another pair last week.

I was in contact with Hank at Intl-Outdoor regarding the upgraded PCB on his Panasonic cells. They are to be released at the end of this month so I might just as well wait for them.

Good to here their are some good TF Flames out there though.

I'm all for a bargain, as this is BLF. Be careful of being driven solely by price, however.

Some things, such has antibiotics, condoms, and Lithium-Ion cells, are worth spending just a bit more for, IMO.

HAHA, well there is safer and safest - but note that none of the above are SAFE

My next 18650s will be Hank's, but after you guys test the new PCB for me!