Protection For AA Eneloops Batteries / Heat Resistant Glue

Didn’t know how to give this a title / explain what I’m trying to resolve???

I just bought some AA Eneloop pros to go in a Lenser M5 and they were too wide to fit so I took a Dremel to one to remove the outer paint to see if they then slip in easily which they do … but … there’s a circular piece at the front which I’m guessing is there to stop the edge of the battery touching something else at the front / shorting.

I can literally peel this off but wondered if I’d best glue it back and my instant thought went to hot glue … but when you charge a battery it creates heat which may possibly melt it … does anyone have any other ideas / a recommendation of a glue that would work or don’t I need that little front bit anyway and just remove / throw away??

Hmmm? Sorry, no idea!

Did you cut away the plastic shrink-wrap on the cell?


Most hot glues have a pretty high melting temp. Like 350F. If you cells get that hot on the charger you probably have bigger problems. Maybe the hot glue would get soft enough to become slightly soft or sticky when on the charger. That may or may not be a problem depending on how you use it.

I would guess most 2-part epoxies would work fine. There are various kinds in most stores.

You can buy the heatshrink tubing seperatly. For example here this one

Just cut it to size and use a hair dryer to shrink it over the battery, easy!

Witterings, post some pictures to see what exactly you did. And be warned Eneloops can deliver a lot of current so take appropriate precautions to not get it shorted as this may be dangerous.

You must very much like this light in order to break eneloop for it. I never cared much for Led lensers as they are overpriced for what they offer and there are lot of better lights. Not to mention I don’t like the esthetics(the holes/dimples in head kind look like cheap chinese throw-away flashlight to me). If it were me I would rather change the light that do not accept standard battery than destroy eneloop. I have/had many AA lights and never encountered one that did not accept Eneloop. Other cheap Nimh cells were sometimes very tight fit or would not fit at all but never Eneloop as they are made strictly to standard. But I’ve heard of counterfeit eneloops - did you got yours from reputable distributor?

As for the glue - I would think common cyanoacrylate (a.k.a Super glue etc.) should do well in this application. I would stay away from hot glue - it’s good for crafts… It will peel easily.

You know, those wrapper can be just pealed off.

I couldn’t see if there was a way to attach photos so there’s a dropbox link here

In one of the pics you’ll see the part I’m asking about to the right hand side of the torch and in the other it’s on the top.

It may not actually be needed at all and in which case I can just chuck it but as mentioned I didn’t know if it was there to stop it shorting against something

I hadn’t actually realised they’re wrapped in a plastic … I thought it was paint so I used a dremel with a sanding attachment to remove it :person_facepalming: but at least I know for the future :smiley:

Do NiMH work like lithium ion where the case is the negative? I do not think they do because i have NiMH that are wrapped in foil material which would mean it could be shorted any time.

Okay so i have some older energizers that are peeling and the case is the negative so yea maybe heat shrink them.or even electrical tape.
Even if you leave them i am sure they will fine.

meant to reply about the heat shrinking suggestion earlier, I modded them because they didn’t fit the torch, if I now put heat shrink on them I’ll be back to my starting point and they won’t fit again.

If you remove the wrapper, the negative terminal will extend all around the outside of the cell (except for the positive terminal at the head).

In the case of a mechanical switch, this might cause the cell to short on the inside flashlight tube, and the light to remain “on” even if the switch is off.

While probably not a safety hazard, it’s still not a good idea to remove the wrapper on a NiMH battery.

I agree with what someone else said: get a new light.

Witterings, where did you get the light? Is it possible to return/exchange it? I would seriously go that route. It can be a quality check issue and different piece could fit Eneloop fine. As to stripped cell I would leave the insulator ring on top and glue the ring with super glue(or other cyanoacrylate), also to insulate the case without protective sleeve you could use some lacquer. That should add less in diameter than heat shrink tubing. Maybe someone here could suggest some stuff that will be durable enough. Epoxy or cyanoacrylate would work in that respect as well but could be hard to apply in thin layer.

Cheers for that (any everyone else’s replies) … I may do exactly as you suggest re the glue / lacquer!!

The torch is actually going back anyway as the focus keeps locking and this model it’s not meant to so see what comes of it.

I thought about exchanging the torch for something else but there’s nothing as small / light with a comparable run time with a half decent output and zoom which is essential!!!

I’m not that into zoomies and only have dirt cheap SK68 clone - runtime is enough for me but don’t know what you need. Maybe start a new topic before you decide, as a lot of people here can suggest some alternatives. If size is of no concern and single cell is no requirement either then take a look at Warsun X65/X50. Those can run on 3xAA cells, are not expensive, have good reviews and give more light than led lenser as well:

Warsun X65
Warsun X50

The only difference between the two is used emitter: X65 has Cree XM-L and X50 has XM-L2. And you can also run them with li-ions if you change your mind.

Maybe replacement heat shrink will be thinner than the original layer?