(prototype) the GT Mini

In for one - signed list


i added some pictures to post #2

measured 1250 Lumen (CB, compared with C8s @900Lm and D1 @1200 Lm)
measured 145000 cd (@3m compared to C8s / acebeam L16 / Imalent RT35 / Emisar D1)

Signed but what different from D1S ?

If enough members are willing to buy it goes straight to production? That’d be a bummer.

Has the team (if there is one) considered consulting BLF members if we want 20700/21700 support? What about sourcing a decent 1.5A boost driver?

If no, then there is nothing new with this light other than looking like the big GT. :frowning:

I have been looking for a side e switch single emitter c8, which this fills in my boxes for. Really hoping its got a ramping ui, or at least let’s me swap in a driver that does. Loving the fact that its a tiny version of the gt. That’s my favorite part. 18650 is fine with me too. Got plenty to put in it.

Looks like you’re in luck:

I’ll be putting ToyKeeper’s ramping Andúril UI on mine. :slight_smile:


Now I’m psyched. Didn’t see that. Thanks

I personally prefer 18650, not that I think it matters much. They still have the best wh/L.

I would also love a buck/boost driver, but I feel like we are gonna get fet+1.

I love it! I’d probably buy one.

Interested for sure

I’m interested in one!

Sign up form completed & submitted. :+1:

Wish they had done it in 26650……
But oh well, the 18650 form is not a deal breaker. :smiley:

I like it………

Thank you Martin…… :+1:

Oh I want 2 for sure. Maybe more but def 2 for now.

Remember to complete the SIGN UP FORM ladies & gentlemen. :wink:

When does the AAA keychain model come out? :wink:

Add one.


If you want one you must add it yourself. :wink: Go to the link quoted below to do so.

One for me please. :sunglasses: