(prototype) the GT Mini

Hello my dear friends!

today i received a nice prototype, the:


XP-L HI, smooth reflector, AR coated lens

red LED under switch seems dim in daylight

my daughter now also has a GT ;)

spot is tiny (i was told they meassured 135kcd)

on turbo XHP35 wins ;)

this is the correct manual:

signup list for the groupbuy

name: MiniGT
Lumen: 1250 (measured)
Lux: 135kcd
18650 (18350 with optional tube)
Driver: tba
UI: Narsil 1.2
smooth, 43mm inner diameter / 40mm depth
lens: AR coated
Head diameter: 50mm
total length: 132 mm
manufacturer: Lumintop
price: US$ 39.95

draws 3.5A on max ramp / 4.5A on Turbo
measured 1250 Lumen (CB, compared with C8s @900Lm and D1 @1200 Lm)
measured 145000 cd (@3m compared to C8s / acebeam L16 / Imalent RT35 / Emisar D1)

aaand some pictures:

see the red glow under the switch?

nice fins – like the BIG GT
just another angle

EC4 GT – Emisar D1 – MiniGT – C8S – UT02
132mm total length

50mm outer head diameter
43mm inner reflector diameter

smooth reflector, AR coated lens
another angle

flat tailcap
lanyard hole

double springs
another angle

nice, square threads
nice wall

tube is symetrically
driver spring

another… (you got it ;))

40mm depth
there is a small Oring

left UT02 – right MiniGT in LOW

left UT02 – right MiniGT in Turbo

What does it use, a 26650?

Did someone restyle an Emisar D1S?


reminds somewhat of the astrolux C8…

The form factor, reflector size and throw is all nothing special (not like the GT that created a whole new class), but in this fairly crowded niche I like the design very much and it is fun that they followed the GT styling in detail. And of course the user interface is un-beatable!

Does it have the tripod mount?

The pic with your daughter is un-beatable too :+1: :slight_smile:

That’s a bummer.

In for 3.

In for 1

In for 2

In for two

In for 1

They should at least gone for 21700

I assume the "Mini" idea did not allow that

also price wise a 18650 is a good decision - many people have them already.

Anyway they could double the head size? That could be the mini gt and this one can be the micro gt

Oh yes, as a GT owner I’ll be wanting one :+1:

I like it, interested, please let me know when this is playing out.

Thanks. :smiley:


In for 3