Pulsars DIY 2013: handmade

Ok. I’m at work and it just came to me. It’s going to be an angle light with a twist. I’ll post some pics when I get home from work

now let me try to make this post an actual build thread:

this is what i got so far.

its going to be an angle light made from copper pipe and brass fittings.

the on/off switch will be on the back side of the elbow for activation with your thumb

its got a 3” reflector from a cheap rayovac lantern

think im going to put an xml, direct driven in it

either going to run it off a 3xAAA carrier, or sleeve the tube for an 18650

dont have much done yet, but here is the concept

ruffles was kind enough to search for some copper rod for me while at his metal dealers yesterday, so i should be starting on a heat sink soon

thank you ruffles!

things to come:

working on smoothing out the cast bronze parts and polishing. not easy with out a dremel

heat sink should be started this weeken

reserved for beam shots and such

reserved for kreisler quotes... cuz that guys bad@$$ and i want it preserved like jams and jelly

Reserved for when pulsar finally figures out what his going to do. :smiley:
And I figure out what to say. :open_mouth:

i have 4 distinct ideas, ill decide which is most feasible tomorrow when im a little more sober lo 8) l 

Do you think I look at mine and think “feasable”? Lol. Pick the crazy one. S)

was sitting at work today, thinking of what i can do… and this was sitting right in front of me on a t bar. now this will probably not be what is actually used for the host, i dont think the components will handle me soldering the joints on these. but it was the inspiration

the question is….


or wild…?

i think i will go with wild!!! got too think up a head to use on it. going to come up with some kind of switch on the elbow for thumb activation

i think this is going to be a heavily driven xml, maybe 4+ amps. will either be a single 18650 or 26650

Looks like plenty of head but short on tail.


I would try to work on the “mild” one… “Wild” looks a bit out of proportions to me…

its 1" od heavy wall copper 3.25" long. when i figure out what im going to use for the head, im going to design it so there is clearance for my fingers behind the head. its just a concept at this point. im going to have it so my hand will fit perfect between the elbow and tailcap.

besides, dont you guys know by now i like small bodies, big heads?

thats a heat sink made for a c mag that allows the head to still focus. im not going to be using it (though its almost perfect). just there to hold the reflector up to get a visual

ill be trimming the lip off the reflector, and probably try my hand at a copper heat sink with pedestal. this weekend i will probably be going to the hardware store to look for threaded fittings, unless i think of a scheme to solder the fittings with out killing the electronic components.

now i just got to figure something to use as a head, or may be get a sheet of copper and make one…

ps: i could have pressed the tabs down and turned until the cows came home… it was also glued… i cut the tabs off with a razor knife and lightly pried up with a flat head all around the reflector to break it loose.
now that i finally harvested the reflector out of this sub $2 host, maybe i can do an active cooled multi in it someday

If there's a way to solder before you put the components in... but if not, then you are right, threaded fittings are the way to go.

Hobby shops usually carry sheets of copper and maybe even brass. It's usually .010" or .020" thick sheet, I believe.

So I figured out the head... With the lip trimmed off, the reflector is 3", so I will use a 3" end cap to start with, then get a sheet of copper to form the cone of the head shape...

I'm also thinking of just direct driving it, but not totally sure.

Also... Anyone reading this happen to have a piece of copper rod about 2" or so long? If so I'd like to buy. I'm not sure where locally I can buy it.

edit: 1" copper rod is needed

found what the head will be made from


just want to give it a day or two to see if anyone here knows where to get one cheaper, or maybe has access to them cheaper from work or such

also on the lookout for a piece of 1" copper round stock about 2" long so i have 2 or three tries to mess up a heatsink

looks like the elbow and end cap i have are cast bronze... been working on filing down the porous surface to polish them up. with the motor cooked in my rotary tool, going to be time consuming

That is one massive reducing bush along with a massive price. I hope you find something a little cheaper.

oh trust me, me too.

i was going to use a 2"x1" reducer and a 3" end cap, but that 3" end cap is $20 alone... i did not factor in the price of copper and how much of a broke @$$ i really am when i was planning this. oh well... i have $45 left on an ebay gift card i was saving for something special. if i cant find something in a few days ill order up the 3"x1" reducer and hope i win the loot

Pulsar needs help. Is there any generous BLF plumbers in Pulsars area that wants to donate to a good cause? I hope Pulsar doesn’t mind me posting this.

Nah I don't, bit I think this really is a specialty item that's not used often. I'll give it to Saturday maybe, then I will just order the one off eBay

or does it resemble a medicinal pipe…like they have out here in CA?