Pulsars giveaway - WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

Wow! What a great giveaway! Count me in :slight_smile:

Count me in please!

good deal, count me in.

nice light and even nicer give away, i’d love to to be in. Thanks

Oh, yeah… sweet… I’m in!

Very nice giveaway…I’m in.

Wow! Of course I am in!

oh yeah… i need this one… count me in!


Great looking light…count me in!

Very nice gesture! Thanks for doing this and of course I am in.

Hell yes, thanks pulsar!!

Great giveaway! Thanks for arranging this!

I’m in!

Sure I’m in :stuck_out_tongue: Awesome. Thanks :wink: :beer:

Count me in please!

Nice! Count me in please! Thank you for the giveaway!

Count me in

Thanks for the giveaway

THat light looks beautiful. I’m in - thanks Pulsar.

Nice it looks great. Count me in.

count me in please. thanks

Definitely in on this, I’ve got to get an Old-Lumens light somehow. This might be it.