Pulsars giveaway - WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

so, in order to show how much i care about this forum, and all the people here… i have managed to pull a little something measly together. hope i dont get shunned

hehe just kidding

up for giveaway is a 3xAA mag lite. old lumens modded. it is direct drive with a nichia in the stock reflector. will have a glass lens, and justin (old lumens) worked his mojo and did some cosmetic work to it.
now i have not even seen it yet, so i cant tell you how it looks, but i am 100% sure it is awesome and you all are going to want it.
got to thank justin for the mod, and nitro for the host. and another thanks to a member whos generosity led me to search for the perfect giveaway for you guys.

now the rules:

  1. you must be a member by the time the giveaway is closed.
  2. i dont want to see it up for sale, unless your house is being foreclosed or your getting a divorce and the other party is planning on taking it.
  3. please, just one post in this thread. if you have a question, pm me
  4. i will randomly post an entry for sb, unless he decides he wants to himself

thats about it i think. just a small way for me to thank you all here for everything.
i will randomly close the giveaway at some point. it will run for at least a week, i know that much

hope you all enjoy!

ps: no pics yet. i will post some as soon as i get them. i have not and will not be seeing this host or mod in person

edit: this is open to all members. i will get it shipped to anywhere in the world at no cost to the winner.
edit again: pics were added. and justin informed me that it has an OP reflector in it (as seen in pics), but will also come with the stock reflector

Very nice giveaway…I’m in.

I’m in. I got an Old-Lumens jones.

I’m in :slight_smile:
Always wanted one of Old-Lumens’ goodies :slight_smile:

Count me in, thanks!

I’d love to win this! Count me in!

3 X AA mag, O-L modded…
How could I resist!! Thanks Pulsar, very nice give away 8)

Thank you Pulsar! I’m in.

Thanks count me in.

Thanks Pulsar, I’m in I’d like to see that host again :wink:

Hi, count me in.

Sweet, thanks for the giveaway!

Cool, count me in. Cheers pulsar and o-l. 8)

That’s very generous of you Pulsar, Thank you.

Please count me in

Yes please, I’m in.


I’m in! Would love to win :slight_smile:

Count me in please.

Count me in pls!

I’m in the world, so count me in please

Thanks Pulsar, count me in.