Pulsed Current recharging increases Li-ion life.

An improved charging protocol
might help lithium-ion batteries to last much longer.
Charging with a high-frequency pulsed current
reduces ageing effects, an international team demonstrated.

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Nice if it works.

The only charger I know which use pulse charging on LiIon is the Opus BT-C3100/3400 but not sure about the frequency

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Interesting! Thank you for posting this.
Pulse charging hasn’t worked well to date but I’m betting the frequencies were a lot lower than the 100Hz and 2kHz used in this study.

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In my testing, and lygte’s too IIRC, it was 20Hz.

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Thanx. This is very interesting; and yes, it indicates that higher frequencies definitely do play a role. I’m also keeping in mind that a square wave is essentially a sum of the fundamental frequency and all its odd harmonics, so there’s lots of hi-freq involved above the fundamental in hi-freq square waves.

The higher frequency waves are mathematically present but they don’t have any physical presence here. The square waves have a limited rise/fall time, which can be quite long for this application, and the heavy dampening effect of the cells themselves can filter high-frequency content quite well. They essentially act as huge capacitors with different partd of the cell offering different impedances to the incoming current.

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