Pure copper pill for Courui Big head

No fear, that’s the hole for the optic leg if you’ll be using an optic. The optic legs are between the emitter pads, the two holes off center of the pads are for wires. Just wanted to be sure you knew that. :wink:

(the one’s at 7 O’clock and 1 O’clock in your picture are for wires or maybe screws… the slots might be intended for wires)

Edit: if you’re going to use only the center pad for an XP-L, almost any OTHER hole would work better for your wire, that hole is actually between the traces that go to the center pad and you’ll be wanting a larger hole for 2 20ga or 2 18ga leads.)

i know that it was for the optics ,but i assumed its the nearest way to go to the - pad for the single led,since the base of the reflector of the courui its very big(26.5mm ).i’ve tested a 18awg wire and was ok but just in case i have 20awg teflon wire.but you are right about the traces its not the perfect hole to use.
i will decide when i have all the parts to complete the flashlight ,yet i have not boufht the flashlight :slight_smile:

nikolas i hope this work for you :

Dear Friends production is completed, considering that six pieces going to US ’ll try to send them all at once on Monday, also all who have not paid please do so as soon as possible. If I had problems with the customs in Serbia, because the number of shipments,I will notify you on time. In this case I will just make a gap between,and try to send two per day

Best regards to all of you !!

That is so pretty! I love seeing big batches of copper components, especially well executed ones!

Well done!

(you don’t know how hard it was not to get another one or two of these! Which would also mean, of course, another one or two Courui D01!)

Thanks Dale !

thanks nikolas .now i just need to buy the flashlight :slight_smile: and a nice XP-G2


Not perfectly in the center yet :frowning:

Courui D01 (left) Acebeam K40m (right)

It’s a XM-L2 U3 1A, even with the dome on it does 700 meters on DD

Thanks Nikola for a great product.

Nice !! Thank you for pictures !

are these still for sale ? if so ill take 1-2

Sorry I am not making them anymore….

Sorry I am not making them anymore….

Dam! Missed out by a month :frowning: