Pure copper pill for Courui Big head

Hello everyone
I just made copper pill for my Courui , and it looks great. That’s why I want to share with you. If anyone is interested please contact me. Copper has 99.7% purity and weighs about 150 grams finished :slight_smile: ,

My email nikola.stojsavljevic@gmail.com

New Batch

_ L I S T :_

  • LinusHofmann ?
  • electricjelly - — 32mm
  • Will34 - — 32mm
  • Khas - — 32mm
  • Jensa41 —- 20mm
  • KawiBoy1428 — 32mm
  • Kloepper Knife Works — 32mm
  • sungsmith — 20mm
  • msg1285 —- 20mm
  • cbrake10 —- 20mm

For what starsize are these made?

OOOoooh! I don’t think I can resist this! Thanks for offering :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Best heat sink for big amps

Thanks, yeah the price is very good, and all can be customized according to your request.
Mine is 42mm wide , 15mm high, central hole for MPCB is 22mm but can be wider,or without……

Dear friends for all details ,you can contact me on mail i have left above. I need at least 10 interested members so i could start
making sinks. After i receive detail instruction from you about your requirements i will step on to finish them in a day or two. After finishing
I will send pictures for each individual sink to member who order it. So you can chose how wide socket for Led would be (17, 22, 33 mm) or without socket,just flat. Also holes for the wires 2,5 mm , 3mm , or bigger, and distance between them if top is flat. All shipping will be with
Serbian post with tracking number. The biggest problem for me is Paypal because for some stupid reason people in Serbia can not receive money, only send. So my friends if you have some proposal please tell me .



1. dodo flat top
2. Werner 32mm star
3. DBCstm 20mm
4. LinusHofmann 20mm Noctigon
5. dbramm22

I am in if you make them for the 32mm maxtoch copper stars.

If you have a bank acount It should be no problem to transfer money.
do you have also the SEPA and BIC in your country like the rest of Europe?
In former times I have often transferred money it takes some days and sometimes they charge some taxes but it always worked.

No problem for 32mm star… I have you on the list …
I have bank acaunt, belave that would be the best…

Nice! I’m in for one as well.

Will send email when I get to my computer in the next hour or so. :wink:

Thank You!

I don't even have a Corui but I am tempted by this! :P Must resist...

Yo Nikola can you make copper pills for Convoy C8 perhaps? Or other bodies?

Sorry Daniel but there is a lot offer for C8 brass pill so its not so interesting for me…
Try Fasttech, Cinaquality,or Kaidoman you can find them for 3 usd. Just watch the threads are for Convoy


1. dodo - flat top
2. Werner - 32mm
3. DBCstm - 20mm
4. LinusHofmann - 20mm
5. dbramm22
6. zeremefico - 32mm
7. prisma –32mm
8. BillyX - 20mm
9.Caleb-V - 32 mm X 2

zeremefico – 32mm star :slight_smile:

Me too Damn!

Well you two better hop to it then! Frequenting BLF and not even owning a Courui…for shame! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Is the quality still comparable on the latest big heads compared to when they came out? I just recently ordered a black Courui from gearbest so hoping it’s still as good as my first batch gray.

For me, the ‘early grey’ was almost identical to the ‘late black’. Of course, YMMV.

The only difference was that the stock pill from the black did not tighten down when flipped over, like some other members have also reported.

Please count me in - 32mm

Put me down for one for 20mm Sinkpad star.I will e mail when we reach 10 orders.

Ok people I need 2 more BigAmp lovers……

Finally, we fulfilled 10 orders, and so I want to let you know that I will start to make copper heat sinks on Wednesday, and all end up hope until Friday. Therefore, all who sign up please send me your name, address, zip code, and phone number. Those information send me on email nikola.stojsavljevic@gmail.com or Viber +38166301302. After I receive your contacts, i will send pictures of finished product and my bank eban number for paying. When I confirm payment, orders will be sent ……
So thank,you guys for patients and see you soon


1. dodo – flat top
2. Werner – 32mm
3. DBCstm – 20mm
4. LinusHofmann – 20mm
5. dbramm22 - 22mm
6. zeremefico – 32mm
7. prisma –32mm
8. BillyX – 20mm
9. Caleb-V – 32 mm X 2
10. Nicolass - 32mm X 2