Pure copper pill for Courui Big head

I will be happy if you drill holes for wires if it will match the 31.5mm maxtorch XML mcpcb :slight_smile:

Ok Caleb-v no problem

Same here please

great pill from what i can see, this is so tempting that now i see for a good price for courui. :expressionless: damn i have to resist :bigsmile:

Please put me down for two pills; both for a 32mm MCPCB (gotta love those big Maxtoch dtp MCPCB’s), thanks!

—> this goes for me to: I will be happy if you drill holes for wires if it will match the 31.5mm maxtorch XML mcpcb


Great workmanship and price ... unfortunately I do not own a Courui.

Me neither, but I’m gonna buy one now! :bigsmile:
I always liked them, except for the shitty aluminum pill and the fact that the cells are parallel.


Nico, think of the Courui as a well built thrower that houses a 7500mAh cell. :wink:

I’ll be putting a Luminus SBT-70 in mine with an FET driver, pulling in the 10-12A range most likely. Those 3 parallel cells are EVERYTHING!

I’ll be watching closely how that turns out.
I ended up getting 2 sbt-70s (was basically buy 1 get one free because of shipping) so if that turns out well (I’m sure it will) then my “stock” courui may become the home of the second emitter.
Paired with the gorgeous Courui reflector seems like a good match! :slight_smile:

If all goes well, I won’t be using the reflector at all. Working on something else that promises to allow the SBT-70 to throw over 1200M. :wink: If I can pull it off it’ll be unique if nothing else. lol

If it’s still possible, I’d like mine made to fit a MaxToch 26 mm star please. The wire holes are at 22-22.3mm. The actual diameter of the star is 25.7mm, 26mm will work fine.

Thank you very much, sorry for the change.

Can I have wire holes 25mm apart please.I will PM you with my coordinates now.

So contact info sent and viber installed.

Do you need the measurements of the maxtoch 32mm star?

Production starting today !!!
This baby is weight over three kilograms of pure copper :slight_smile:

haha, pure awesome! Thanks for the pic :slight_smile:

That is a serious chunk of copper! Wish I had one like that, and even more…wish I had equipment that would handle a piece like that!

I busted my butt today on a 1” dia piece of 6061. Silly little 3 1/4” long piece took almost 5 hours to create. I’m exhausted!

Finally it’s all over, now it’s your turn guys .On all your mails I will send payment information and the payment amount. And I want to apologize about the threads imperfection,and hope you will understand how is hard to work with copper. They all screw in perfectly, and that is the most important. You can see in pictures what I am talking about. Thank you all

While doing a few might be fun, 10 or more is kind of stretching that… 50 would be a chore for sure!

Thank you very much for persevering in this for us! We very very much appreciate your efforts!

Looking great! Thanks Nikola :bigsmile:

And before anyone starts wondering what’s going on, I requested extra height on my pill as it’s not going into a stock Courui reflector setup. :slight_smile: