Purple vs green AR coating comparison

Did a quick comparison of purple and green AR coated lenses. Nothing scientific, no measuring equipment. I just wanted to know if it’s actually visible by eye and if so, what difference does it make.

Used light is a Wurkkos TS21 with SST20 4000K, with the lens removed. AR coated lenses come from Convoy and I just switched the lens in front. The green AR definitely removes some of the greenish tint. Hope it’s visible in the photo, it’s 2 halve photos stuck together side by side.

In their original host:

Nice comparison, although I’ve never seen red AR. Usually it’s purple or green.

Do your eyes confirm the results of the photo comparison? Cameras tend to be pretty dishonest when it comes to conveying tint.

Could you provide a link to the exact windows you used?

It's very faint (and full jpeg artifacts ) but it's looks like a notable improvement. :THUMBS-UP:

I grab a 10x10 pixels of each side and ran it through this average color thingy


Green AR: rgb(163, 144, 101)

Red AR: rgb(168, 152, 99)

Mine are either purple, brown, or blue. I also haven’t seen a red one yet.

It’s purple coating. It was called red coating in Convoy’s commercial sellers topic. Apologies for the confusion. Post updated.

I didn’t buy them separately, both came with a recently purchased M21Bs (GT FC40). Simon is in the process of updating the coating from purple to green and I guess it’s starting to show up in products shipped out. This might also explain why not both had it, only the latest that arrived. Was quite surprised to see this since Simon stated so far only L21x, C8+ and S2+ apparently switched to green coated lenses. But he also stated Lenses can only be updated with new production batches, so this has to do with how quickly stock is sold”.

And yes I can see it with my eyes as well. It’s a small difference, but visible. Camera was set to manual, to keep exposure and WB the same between both photos.

Don’t think I can get rid of the artefacts, it’s in the originals as well. Photos taken with a Canon powershot compact camera and has no raw setting. But still much better than a phone camera. I’ll bug my neighbour for his Nikon that supports raw. He wants to borrow my trailer, so there’s some motivation :smiley:

Ok, re-did it. Shot in manual and raw, WB 4850K, editing in TIFF and no colourspace conversions. Only when uploading to imgur it got converted to png.