There’s well over a thousand ordered now.

yeah showed my son, 797 last night, F5 and 798 , F5 and 799


If it is not shipped yet,you could try using BG’s live chat,asking them to change to priority mail.I did it with another purchase.[/quote.

It worked. They changed the shipping for me.Thanks.

Someone on reddit selling his code… :rage:

hahahahaha selling a code, let me check.
If somebody needs a code, just PM me :slight_smile: You get it free!

@The Miller: could you please post or link this in the OP?

Its from Q8, PMS SEND TO THOSE WITH ISSUES BLF soda can light - #11484 by Tom_E

I only put my name down for 1, but is it possible to order a second at that price? I think I saw a post earlier saying that it might be?
Do I need a new code to do this?

Hello The Miller,
Perhaps you can provide some insight. I was ordering 2 of the 4 Q8s I had signed up for, — using 2 separate transactions. The first went through correctly, but the second charged my Paypal account $99 even though I used the code.
When I contacted Banggood, I was told, “please see the photo below ? The price is for $99.”
I have tried to explain how the code is supposed to work but it doesn’t seem like they get what I am talking about.
I’m sorry to be a problem at such an exciting time — do you know how I might proceed?
Thank you,

how important is insurance? was so excited I completely forgot to add it…
also I’ve never ordered batteries from BG before. any concern about authenticity? got some 30q buttontops.

If the light is not shipped you should be able to cancel the order even after Payment

I wouldn’t worry about the insurance. Especially if you payed via Paypal. If it doesn’t show up or is broken then you can get a refund pretty easily. Most credit cards offer this protection as well. I did not do the insurance.


First PM ed best dressed

yes, PM incoming

wow, just cancel.
Can you try again with code making sure there are no other products checked to be added to the order?

found it, luckily we have a big buffer for some extra codes, sure was funny to read though, thanks for the heads up!

1031 and counting

I got up to find 3 emails from BG stating that my 3 x Q8”s have shipped :slight_smile:
I chose free shipping which states 12-20 days to my destination :slight_smile:
My experience is that things from BG normally take about 12-14 days if there are no hitches so I am hoping to have my Q8”s around the 20th –22nd :+1:
Over 1000 lights ordered at $40 a light =$40,000 plus.
Plus how many cells maybe 2000 plus at around another $10,000, assuming half the purchasers have also bought 4 cells each ?
Plus people have bought chargers specifically because of this GB :slight_smile:
“bean counters” somewhere are going to be happy with this GB :wink:

Might not be a big issue but if 50 or 100 people sign up for projects for alot more then they intend to use with the intent to sell the code it probably will cause alot more work and issues.

Purchase Protection is a free option that you have to activate in Paypal. Make sure you do that.

we cant stop that, but we can have the BLF specials available for as many people as possible, so there is no need to get the via these shady peeps :slight_smile: