I ordered my Q8 on the 12th. According to the numbers a few pages back, I think it should have been in the “third” set of 500 lights. I just checked my account, and it’s marked as shipped, but the note says “Shipment information sent to FedEx”. So, I dunno. That’s kinda weird. Maybe they’re just pre-printing all the labels?

UPDATE: since i received my other two Q8s (second pair came day after the first pair, but got my hands on it only from Monday)

Out of 4:

First came non-lubed, uneven beacon LEDs, beacon LEDs stopped working next morning, has switch contact issue rarely
Second came well lubed, even beacon LEDs, beacon LEDs do work, has very ofter switch contact issue
Third came OK lubed, uneven beacon LEDs, beacon LEDs do work, no switch contact issues yet after 3 days
Fourth came non-lubed, even beacon LEDs, beacon LEDs do work, no switch contact issues yet after 3 days

switch contact issue video (FLASH) → http://tinypic.com/r/2rpqid5/9 you can hear clicks but it won’t turn off at random positions of flashlight

Two assembly lines?

Maybe more. I’d love to get a shop tour and see the lights in action being built.

Anyway, my two are being shipped and I’m really excited about it.

Mr.Poppy: according to previous posts about the light not turning off with a single click, it seems it is a matter of timing: the click must be very short - 1/4s. Can you check if a faster/lighter click makes a difference on those two lights?

That is an interesting find RobertB, How did you find out that XG-12 = Nyogel 760g?

It tried looking up the MSDS for XG-12 but doesn’t appear to disclose what is it,

Here is the MSDS of XG-12

The only reference to it being Nyogel comes from this thread

as you may see it’s a matter of angle, at some angles it just won’t turn off… and when i rotate the angle just a bit it will turn off, and turn on
This won’t happen on the last 2 flashlights that i got, so I’m sure it’s not timing

Should my light be shipped? My order was #700-some but im yet to get an email about being shipped.
They happily took my money tho :-))

BangGood says mine has shipped! :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, has anyone tried 4.35V laptop pulls with these? probably not gonna supply enough current, but…

I received my BLF Q8 today and at the moment I am very happy with it, wonderful UI, good mechanized and anodized, better tint than expected, and lots of power, here you have a small comparison with some of my flashlights:

From left to right: Convoy C8 HI, Haikelite SC01, Sky Ray King, JinHeng JKK35, Thorfire S70, BLF Q8

!https://i.imgur.com/yzFrw6I.jpg !:https://i.imgur.com/yzFrw6I.jpg









Holy Mackerel! The Q8 is a powerhouse! Nice comparison shots.

Thanks for the comparison shots!
Smokes the S70!
On the Q8 pict it would even seem “the trees are on fire” in the background! lol :smiley:

It looks very close to the S70 in my opinion. The most noticable difference was the Q8s brighter spill lighting. Is that what you were referring to?

> Ford dealer parts department. This XG-12 electrical grease

Good pointer. That ought to last a lifetime, too.

Nice….I also ordered on the 12th, but mine still shows “Backordered”. But maybe that means I am getting close.

Wowser! Impressive show Miguel_79. Thank you

Great comparisons Miguel_79
Can’t wait !

Uhm… Wow…

May have to get another one…

I recorded this tonight, Convoy BD06 from my car Vs Q8.

My BLF Q8 along with Samsung 30Q batteries arrived today.I went out for my nightly flashlight walk with my Nitecore MT16GT and now my Q8.I am hugely impressed with the Q8.Being able to slide up and down the brightness of the light is cool.It is just light a dimmer switch (only better).

The combination of flood and throw is like none other light I have.The throw is fantastic and it does not heat up like my Astrolux MF 01.It easily out throws the MF but the MF 01 lights the world.

The Q8 is now my light of choice when walking the trails at night because of the combination of flood and throw.